SJWL-PR WL News: Pre-Season Begins
Saturday, September 8th, 2029
It's preseason time in the San Juan Winter League now and all statistics have been reset and the season schedule has been announced. Fans, executives, coaches and players are looking forward to the 2029 season!

Please don't forget to set your scouting budget and player development budget during the pre-season!
BNN Stats: Active Career Pitching Leaders
Monday, September 3rd, 2029
Which active pitchers are leading the San Juan Winter League in career ERA?

Xavier González, PS, 1.55
Gabriel Gutiérrez, NO, 1.76
José Santos, NT, 2.38
Ángel Valdéz, WV, 2.40
Javier Gómez, FAR, 2.41
BNN Stats: Size Matters
Monday, August 27th, 2029
Here is a list of the tallest players in the San Juan Winter League...

Luz Zamora, GUA, 6' 9"
Dan MacFadden, GUA, 6' 8"
Gerardo Gómez, BAY, 6' 8"
José García, GUA, 6' 8"
Mathew Sandoval, TB, 6' 8"
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Trujillo Alto Maracas 0 0 .000 -
Aguadilla Roadrunners 0 0 .000 -
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Guaynabo Commandos 0 0 .000 -
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