LDBI-DOM WL News: Pre-Season Begins
Monday, August 19th, 2024
With the start of the Liga Dominicana de Beisbol Invernal preseason today, the baseball drought has ended and clubs are making their way to training facilities across the country. There is much to do and little time before the regular season commences. Teams have to work through spring training, while general managers have roster moves to consider, young players to assess and decisions to make about lineups and the rotation. The baseball juggernaut is starting to roll forward! The Liga Dominicana de Beisbol Invernal is primed and ready to go!

Please don't forget to set your scouting budget and player development budget during the pre-season!
BNN Stats: Honestly, It's Just Muscles
Monday, August 12th, 2024
Here is a list of the heaviest players in the Liga Dominicana de Beisbol Invernal...

Ricardo García, AZU, 285 lbs
Bernardo Soto, PP, 280 lbs
Alonso Hernández, BAN, 275 lbs
Alberto Ruíz, SC, 270 lbs
Armando Castillo, BAN, 270 lbs
BNN Stats: Batting Leaders
Monday, August 5th, 2024
So, who leads the Liga Dominicana de Beisbol Invernal in runs?

José Vásquez, AZU, 49
Francisco Martínez, BAN, 48
Edgardo Medina, SCO, 43
Ramón Rosales, AZU, 43
Orlando Martínez, AZU, 41
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