Puerto Plata-San Cristobal Trade Confirmed
Wednesday, December 6th, 2028
Both sides appear content with the trade finalized today that will send 26-year-old C Valentín Medrano to the San Cristobal Cajeros de Fortuna, while the Puerto Plata Playas Dorada will receive 28-year-old RHP Juan Guzmán.

"This is a move that filled a few gaps in our roster," said Júlio García, Playas Dorada general manager.

For his part, the Cajeros de Fortuna GM said the trade was made "in the best interest of our organization's future." BNN analysts reported that on paper the trade seemed to be a plus for both ball clubs. The players involved are expected to join their new teams for the next scheduled game.

This year Medrano is batting .242 with 4 home runs and 11 RBIs. In 36 games he has scored 12 times.

In 9 starts this year Guzmán has fashioned a 1-7 record and a 4.33 ERA.
Veteran Mora Hits Three Dingers
Wednesday, December 6th, 2028
Fans seated in the bleacher section at Segadoras de Café Ballpark were taking cover all day long as Miguel Mora zeroed in on them, rattling three long blasts off the seats in a display of Herculean power.

The big game from the La Vega center fielder helped the Luchadors de las Calles take the victory, 8-4, over the Moca Segadoras de Cafe.

"I told myself not to press on the last one," he told reporters in the postgame press conference. "I knew I couldn't force it -- it has to be a nice easy swing."

For the game, he collected 4 hits in 4 at-bats, drove in 4 and scored 5 runs.

Miguel Mora hit a solo-shot off Cristián Rodríguez in the 1st, hit a solo-shot off Cristián Rodríguez in the 3rd, walked in the 4th, walked in the 6th, doubled in the 8th and hit a two-run home run off Emílio Díaz in the 9th.

In the 2028 season Mora is hitting .219 with 5 home runs.
Fernández Blanks Bani
Tuesday, December 5th, 2028
The La Vega Luchadors de las Calles shut out the Bani Depredadores del Peravia 4-0 today behind the strong pitching of Ricardo Fernández. Fernández surrendered only 4 hits in recording the complete-game victory, and struck out 4.

Following the last out, Fernández appeared to celebrate a little too boisterously for Bani manager Roberto Cuevas, who could be seen scolding the famously outspoken right-hander as the clubs left the field. Fernández's own manager then intervened with some words for his counterpart.

The Depredadores del Peravia skipper would not comment on the exchange, but at the Luchadors de las Calles press conference, Fernández confirmed that it was regarding the celebration.

"He basically told me I was being a lousy winner," Fernández said.

"And I told him he was being a lousy loser," La Vega manager Pedro Herrera added.

This year Fernández has recorded a 5-3 mark. In 9 starts he has fanned 61 batters in 59 innings with a 3.51 ERA.

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Francisco Martínez - SC
2 Iván Torres LV .331
3 Diego Feliciano LV .328
4 Manuel Cerda PP .315
5 Fernando López LV .308
Miguel Montaño - PP
2 Carlos Montoya MOC 10
3 Luis Valéncia MOC 9
4 Manuel Cerda PP 7
4 4 more tied with   7
Miguel Montaño - PP
2 Felipe García LV 26
3 Edgardo Medina SC 25
4 Luis Valéncia MOC 24
5 2 tied with   22
Juan Moya - PP
2 Luis Gonzáles MOC 6
2 Alfonso Ochoa SC 6
2 Júlio Romano PP 6
5 2 tied with   5
Alfonso Ochoa - SC
2 Fernando Cruz LV 1.77
3 Júlio Romano PP 1.82
4 Juan Moya PP 1.94
5 Luis Gonzáles MOC 2.43
Júlio Romano - PP
2 José Morán MOC 67
3 Ricardo Fernández LV 61
3 Mario González LV 61
5 Luis Gonzáles MOC 58
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Puerto Plata Playas Dorada 29 16 .644 -
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Azua Zafiros Blanco 24 21 .533 5.0
Moca Segadoras de Cafe 22 23 .489 7.0
Bani Depredadores del Peravia 12 33 .267 17.0
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La Vega Moca 8-4 1:05 PM MST J.Ramírez (4-0, 2.84 ERA) C.Rodríguez (3-3, 3.91 ERA)
Bani San Cristobal 5-6 7:05 PM MST G.Rodríguez (4-0, 1.37 ERA) J.Alfaro (0-3, 5.74 ERA)
La Vega Moca 12-3 7:05 PM MST M.González (4-5, 3.04 ERA) J.Morán (3-5, 3.88 ERA)
Puerto Plata Azua 7-0 1:05 PM MST M.García (2-0, 1.69 ERA) A.Escobar (3-5, 3.06 ERA)
Away Team Home Team Time Starting Pitcher Away Team Starting Pitcher Home Team
San Cristobal (24-21, Road: 12-10) Moca (22-23, Home: 14-9) 7:05 PM MST RHP R.Rivera (1-4, 4.71 ERA) RHP L.Gonzáles (6-1, 2.43 ERA)
Puerto Plata (29-16, Road: 12-11) La Vega (24-21, Home: 14-8) 7:05 PM MST RHP J.Romano (6-2, 1.82 ERA) LHP F.Cruz (5-3, 1.77 ERA)
Azua (24-21, Road: 12-10) Bani (12-33, Home: 6-16) 7:05 PM MST RHP J.López (4-3, 3.77 ERA) RHP J.Salgardo (2-4, 4.06 ERA)
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