Playas Dorada Send Valenzuela to San Cristóbal
Monday, August 29th, 2022
Everybody is overjoyed with a trade consummated today by the Puerto Plata Playas Dorada and the San Cristóbal Cajeros de Fortuna. In the deal Puerto Plata got 27-year-old RHP Miguel Medina from San Cristóbal and dealt 27-year-old CF Ricardo Valenzuela to the Cajeros de Fortuna. The general managers that made the swap are happy and the players are happy, too. One of the GMs commented, "This was a good swap for all concerned."

Valenzuela has a .287 career batting average and has hit a total of 7 home runs.
San Cristóbal Inks Star RP to $3,960,000 Deal
Thursday, August 25th, 2022
Sportswriters, fans and team officials listened today as 27-year-old reliever Tony Rosales committed to a $3,960,000, 3-year deal with San Cristóbal.

While Rosales is seen as a solid player, he is still relatively inexperienced.
Azua Wins Lottery for RP Villegas
Monday, August 15th, 2022
The Zafiros Blanco and José Villegas appeared before the Azua media today as the two sides emerged from marathon contract talks.

Villegas, a reliever, is poised to make $1,880,000 over 1 year.
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