BNN Stats: Single-Season Records
Monday, July 5th, 2027
Who holds the single season record in the Alianza Beisbol Al Sur de la Frontera for slugging percentage?

Luis Cruz, HER, .7933, 2027
António González, HER, .7884, 2020
Luis Reyes, ACA, .7820, 2019
Gustavo Román, -, .7775, 2008
António González, HER, .7630, 2025
ABSF-MEX AAA News: Draft Pool Revealed
Friday, July 2nd, 2027
The 2027 amateur draft pool was published today with barely a mention on BNN. But then, fans rarely get drawn into amateur drafts. The players are not known commodities and they're not tangible, recognizable names. They might be five years down the road, but casual fans don't get sucked in by "might be," they get excited about what is happening in the here and now. Over the next 30 days, scouts will assess their possibilities, run mock drafts and formulate their plans.

To help them, Alianza Beisbol Al Sur de la Frontera has posted an interactive draft section on its Transactions page, which will be available for 30 days before draft day.

The top players available (in no particular order) seem to be:
1. Javier Márquez, 16 year-old LHP out of college.
2. José Martínez, 16 year-old LHP out of college.
3. Jesús Díaz, 16 year-old C out of college.
4. António Morín, 16 year-old CF out of high-school.
5. José Guerra, 16 year-old SS out of high-school.
6. Ramón Días, 16 year-old RHP out of high-school.
7. Domingo Flores, 16 year-old 3B out of college.
8. Javier Rea, 16 year-old CF out of college.
9. Mario Ortega, 16 year-old RF out of college.
10. Rafael Peña, 15 year-old CF out of college.

You can find the draft pool in the league transactions screen (league menu).
Skipper Flores Let Go by Guadalupe
Wednesday, June 30th, 2027
Weeks of speculation were officially ended today when it was announced that Emílio Flores has been dismissed as the manager of the Guadalupe Frijoles de Dios.

"I can't really say I'm surprised. I saw this coming for a while, but I guess there was nothing much I could really do to prevent it," Emílio Flores told BNN. "It's not easy to manage when every decision you make is closely scrutinized and criticized, but that's what I dealt with."

A team official said the firing was the end result of "major and irreconcilable differences of opinion" between Flores and the front office. When pressed for more information, Guadalupe general manager Hiroaki Ikeda skirted the issue.

"We're not going to get into that right now. It's not really important why he was fired -- we're just going in a different direction," he said.

BNN originally reported Flores's tenure with the club was in jeopardy three weeks ago, which team officials at the time dismissed as "just a rumor."
Luis Cruz - HER
2 Jorge Ruíz ECA .353
3 José Rodríguez SLP .332
4 Jorge Ventura GCR .331
5 Carlos Romero ZAP .328
Jorge Ruíz - ECA
2 Luis Cruz HER 43
2 António González HER 43
4 Luis Reyes ACA 42
4 José Rosas LEO 42
António González - HER
2 Luis Cruz HER 113
2 Luis Reyes ACA 113
4 Roberto Javier HER 102
5 Jorge Ruíz ECA 94
Jesús Rojas - ACA
2 Jesús Padilla HER 13
3 Octávio Rivera ECA 12
3 Luis Rodríguez ACA 12
3 2 more tied with   12
2 tied with
1 Ismael Sánchez ACA 2.47
1 Luis Rodríguez ACA 2.47
3 Javier Soto ZAP 2.83
4 Rafael Ríos GFD 2.92
Jesús Rojas - ACA
2 Jesús Padilla HER 186
3 Javier Soto ZAP 183
4 Roberto Cruz BT 177
5 Miguel Reyna NAU 172
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Zona Norte W L PCT GB
Leon Zapateros 64 46 .582 -
Zapopan Torrenas 63 47 .573 1.0
Ecatepec Morelos 61 49 .555 3.0
Guadalajara Chivas Rayadas 54 56 .491 10.0
Nezahualcoyotl Coyotes 54 56 .491 10.0
Mérida Adelantados 53 57 .482 11.0
Ciudad Juarez Velas 51 59 .464 13.0
Naucalpan Cafe Tacvbas 38 72 .345 26.0
Zona Sur W L PCT GB
Acapulco Zambullidores del Acantilado 71 39 .645 -
Hermosillo Sols 65 45 .591 6.0
San Luis Potosi Jardineros 63 47 .573 8.0
Guadalupe Frijoles de Dios 57 53 .518 14.0
El Ray Vampiros 55 55 .500 16.0
Ciudad Acuna Mariachis 47 63 .427 24.0
Queretaro Desperados 47 63 .427 24.0
Tlalnepantla de Baz Progresivos 37 73 .336 34.0
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