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PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 1:42 pm 
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As you all know, the server is giving us fits - as far as downloading is concerned. We have a workaround that is a little clumsy, but it emulates what the game does - you just have to manually do it. I'd start with your not having PEBA open in OOTP - it may load best with a clean start:

1) Download the League File to an easy to access place - such as your desktop. The file name is "" - this is the exact file that is uploaded each sim day.

2) if it didn't on it's own, you will need to extract the file from it's zipped state. This should result in a folder with a number of items inside it: 15 '.dat' files and 3 folders (messages, news, and replays).

3) Locate your PEBA.lg folder and open that up - you will see within that the same collection of .dat files - move the new ones into the PEBA.lg folder and overwrite/replace the older ones. DO NOT move the folders and replace the old folders!!!

4) Open the new 'messages' folder and move it's contents into the existing 'messages' folder - select them all (there's a lot) and move them en mass (it's way faster), and replace the existing ones. As I mentioned above - do not move the folder - you will replace ALL your old messages.

5) Do the same with the 'replays' folder, moving all the new replay files into the old replay folder - replace any that may require replacing.

6) The 'news' folder is trickier, as there are folders within folders. Again, you don't want to move a folder - you want to move the items in a folder into it's reciprocal PEBA.lg location: box scores into the 'box_score' folder, images from the new 'images/person_pictures' folder into the existing 'images/person_pictures', etc.

7) Once you are finished, (the new folder you downloaded should only have three folders, with nested empty folders) start up OOTP (or log into) and open PEBA as normal - you should find yourself on October 2, 2029, and hopefully all replays, boxscores, and histories will be there as well!

That is it! There is no need to then do the original 'Import' process or in-game download - you are current!!

We are fortunate that we are at the Playoffs - and it is not a requirement for you to export during the offseason (except for playoff teams). Because we speed sim the playoffs, we do have a window of time to wait for the server to behave - but we can also do this process for each sim (again, fortunately we are in the playoffs and those non-playoff teams can pass on this), and move ourselves forward. I'll leave that decision up to the playoff collective. I provide this as an option only because we really have no idea what's up with the server. I can get the reports and StatsLab up, and that seems to work fine, but for whatever reason the file downloading has issues.

If we chose to continue to work in the above manner, I'll post links in Slack and here in this thread. I've posted a couple of pics that I hope bring a little visual clarity to the file moving business. Please comment and give your opinions about plans to move forward here, as well. Dylan is exploring changing servers in the offseason, and once we get the new Rookie League and Feeders in game (and all the new art), we will post a brand new 'Master File' that we will encourage everyone to DL, so we are all on the same page. We have had our file loaded and downloaded, written and rewritten, so many times, from so many sources, it may benefit us to 'clean house' and begin fresh - but that's for another day.

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