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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 3:27 pm 
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(12:02:02) Admin: Commish logs into the Chat.
(12:02:16) Bulldozers: Hide the dope! Commish in the room.
(12:02:19) Akira: commish!
(12:02:26) Borealis: Hey Morris!
(12:02:33) Sandgnats: All rise!
(12:02:38) Commish: Long three rounds today. Draft is enabled.
(12:02:40) Zephyrs: Funny Bob!
(12:03:00) Codgers: The Commish is a strict law and order type
(12:03:02) Borealis: Aurora is Locked in on their first pick!
(12:03:06) Bulldozers: Thanks, Scott. I see you put your stash in your pocket mighty quickly.
(12:03:42) Akira: I'm picking 3 spots higher than I thought I was yesterday
(12:03:43) Sandgnats: Commish please use my draft list. I'm on my phone right now. Thank you!
(12:03:52) Zephyrs: I put it in your pocket!
(12:03:58) Coqui: Is it 5 minutes per pick?
(12:04:50) Commish: Yes. Five minutes.
(12:04:55) Sandgnats: Perhaps 300 seconds? Lol
(12:05:01) Bulldozers: Dozers are chomping at the bit. Let's go!
(12:06:39) Commish: Yuma is up.
(12:06:59) Bulldozers: With their #1 pick, the Dozers of Yuma choose SP Joe Arnold.
(12:07:17) Wind_Dancers: Good pick!
(12:07:19) Zephyrs: Nice pick Bob
(12:07:29) Bulldozers: An obvious one, but thanks.
(12:07:38) Longshoremen: The clear #1 IMO.
(12:07:50) Borealis: Ah... Bob... You blew my list up!!
(12:07:58) Bulldozers: :P
(12:08:24) Coqui: Wasn't number 1 on my board but not far away
(12:08:25) Akira: back to the drawing board
(12:08:34) Akira: draft board
(12:09:25) Codgers: Ah, of the "Big Four" of the 2027 draft class
(12:10:40) Zephyrs: Who is picking for the Lions?
(12:10:56) Codgers: I suppose it was too much to expect him to drop to pick 26
(12:11:32) Commish: Lions pick P Carl Ford.
(12:11:48) Bulldozers: Denny, if you give me all your picks right now, I'll trade you Arnold for a future pick.
(12:11:49) Trendsetters: good pick that
(12:12:14) Bulldozers: My #2.
(12:13:07) Zephyrs: The Zephyrs select SP Martin Brown
(12:13:24) Leones: My #1676 - not kidding. he was more than we could afford :)
(12:13:34) Leones: Carl Ford that is..
(12:13:55) Trendsetters: wow
(12:14:07) Bulldozers: Who he?
(12:14:19) Coqui: Shocking that there were 10 teams worse than me last year
(12:14:40) Bulldozers: Some of us work very hard at achieving a high draft position.
(12:14:57) Coqui: I'm making a run this year
(12:15:07) Zephyrs: I plan on picking much later next season
(12:15:12) Leones: Don't sell yourself short Mike. You can do worse if you really lean in on it.. :P
(12:15:36) Wind_Dancers: Trade me your first rounder for next year and we can make that happen.
(12:15:44) Commish: Longshoremen are up.
(12:15:47) Leones: <ducks>
(12:16:12) Coqui: I've been in 2nd place in my division pretty much every day I've been in the league
(12:16:45) Codgers: I really envy you IL guys sometimes
(12:16:45) Thoroughbreds: gonna be a long 1st day
(12:16:58) Wind_Dancers: Yea the Trans Atlantic needs some life
(12:17:01) Bulldozers: Nice. I spent the first 5 seasons I took over the Dozers in last place.
(12:17:02) Commish: Canton takes P Jason Baker.
(12:17:18) Borealis: There was my #1...
(12:17:36) Bulldozers: Good pick, James. My #3.
(12:17:54) Borealis: Well... #1 pitcher...
(12:17:56) Trendsetters: all pitchers so far
(12:18:00) Codgers: Baker seems able
(12:18:05) Bulldozers: That's where the talent is.
(12:18:14) Sandgnats: Agreed
(12:18:15) Longshoremen: I had Baker as my 2nd ranked player, behind Arnold. Verrrrrrry pitcher heavy draft.
(12:18:18) Leones: I'm sort of glad he went. All the rest of my high picks are very affordable. Might be a good year for signings...
(12:18:31) Codgers: Yes, very lopsided distribution of pitchers to hitters
(12:18:44) Commish: London selects P German Durango.
(12:18:54) Longshoremen: Seriously considered a deal, but Baker was a worthy #1/4 pick.
(12:18:57) Borealis: Far more pitchers for sure...
(12:19:04) Coqui: Durango my #1
(12:19:24) Codgers: London taking the Cubans before Havana can get to them
(12:19:44) Bulldozers: They're short of sugar in the British Isles.
(12:20:15) Sandgnats: They need to irrigate with Yuma water
(12:20:41) Borealis: Ah... that's their cigar secret.... it's the water!!!
(12:20:41) Bulldozers: Now there's a puzzle: how do you get Yuma water across the Big Pond to Britain?
(12:21:18) Trendsetters: so, really cuban cigars was all about the Yuma water
(12:21:31) Codgers: A pipeline to Florida, then dump it into the Gulf Stream....then they can just scoop it up as it passes by
(12:21:35) Trendsetters: mind you, "Yuman Cigars" doesn't have the same ring to it
(12:21:36) Commish: Calymores list pick, CF Jiro Murase.
(12:21:41) Bulldozers: We think so in Yuma.
(12:22:07) Wind_Dancers: Top batter on my list
(12:22:12) Commish: Akira are up.
(12:22:14) Bulldozers: If we buy those little paper rings from Cuba, would that be the same?
(12:22:16) Sandgnats: Looks like a mystery solved Reg
(12:22:37) Trendsetters: :D
(12:22:44) Akira: NT selects SP Anthony Cain
(12:22:56) Codgers: The Scots are working from a different scouting point of view than Palm Springs, Jiro was not on my radar at all
(12:23:09) Borealis: He was so far down my list... 8)
(12:23:16) Trendsetters: I had Jiro as my #2 choice
(12:23:21) Bulldozers: Jiro not on any of my lists. Are we sure he was in the draft?
(12:23:30) Longshoremen: Jiro not on my radar either.
(12:23:44) Longshoremen: I had never heard of him, but he's on the in-game list.
(12:23:46) Trendsetters: New Orleans selects SP James Blanco
(12:24:25) Bulldozers: That last of the Big 4!
(12:24:43) Codgers: Indeed
(12:25:01) Leones: now the lists start to diverge, should be fun to see
(12:25:11) Codgers: They made it through 8 picks, surprised they all lasted that long
(12:25:18) Bulldozers: It hasn't been fun enough for you so far?
(12:25:29) Thoroughbreds: pitching and more pitching fallin
(12:25:30) Borealis: Last years draft was all over the board, lis-wise...
(12:25:50) Leones: our cigars have run dry. WATER!
(12:25:53) Borealis: *list
(12:26:01) Bulldozers: That's when we learned how wanky the StasLab picks were, wasn't it?
(12:26:22) Commish: Shisa select P Fernando Romero.
(12:26:25) Borealis: No, they've always been wanky...
(12:26:42) Bulldozers: A barrel of the Colorado River's freshest on its way to you now.
(12:27:03) Leones: Yuma da man!
(12:27:31) Bulldozers: Da man, da organization, da RIVER!
(12:27:40) Commish: Calzones select P Juan Garanzuay.
(12:27:54) Bulldozers: I can't even pronounce that name!
(12:27:56) Codgers: I think last year the StatsLab ratings were highlighted because so many guys didn't get on the regular PEBA list
(12:27:59) Leones: da-da-ism :P
(12:28:01) Coqui: P Ray Medrano
(12:28:11) Borealis: Correct Denny...
(12:28:18) Longshoremen: I like Garanzuay. Just noticed him.
(12:28:42) Bulldozers: Where was he hiding?
(12:28:44) Codgers: Tiara boom de ay
(12:29:02) Borealis: 1/3 of the way to my pick...:(
(12:29:28) Bulldozers: Don't hold your breath, Will.8o
(12:30:21) Commish: Badgers select P Tatsuya Kajitani.
(12:30:52) Bulldozers: Who he?
(12:31:22) Codgers: SP out of scout gave him 3 stars
(12:31:45) Bulldozers: Oh, those scouts, they'll lead you into the second division.
(12:32:09) Wind_Dancers: Wind Dancers select SP Travis Moore
(12:32:15) Longshoremen: I thought Kajitani was ok there. That's about where I have him.
(12:32:31) Bulldozers: Travis Moore, is he the first 18 year old selected?
(12:32:44) Wind_Dancers: Murase was 18 I believe
(12:32:50) Trendsetters: my guy is 18
(12:32:52) Trendsetters: Blanco
(12:33:16) Bulldozers: Ah, so, right you are. Missed that one. Oops:-*
(12:33:38) Coqui: Four high schoolers taken
(12:34:07) Bulldozers: Cradle robbers!
(12:34:12) Commish: Hartford select P Tam Lochhead.
(12:34:15) Codgers: They're missing their chance to go to college and become more well-rounded individuals
(12:34:17) Borealis: :P
(12:34:36) Bulldozers: You think college provides well-roundedness? Hah!
(12:34:58) Bulldozers: Well, okay, the freshman 15 does make most of the women a little rounder.
(12:35:08) Codgers: heh
(12:35:19) Trendsetters: got through college and wouldnt consider myself well-rounded lol
(12:35:25) Leones: it worked out well enough for Blutarski..
(12:35:28) Trendsetters: ok maybe physique-wise
(12:35:43) Bulldozers: Me neither! After all my years in grad school, I'm less rounded and more specialized.
(12:36:01) Codgers: Yeah, I didn't get round until later in life
(12:36:14) Bulldozers: I'm just getting around to that now.
(12:36:30) Codgers: I'm married to a was bound to happen
(12:36:42) Leones: What is that? A PLEDGE PIN on your draft list?!
(12:36:42) Longshoremen: Canton selects SS Peter Alexander
(12:36:46) Bulldozers: Curse you, Canton!
(12:37:10) Codgers: Our highest-ranked position player!
(12:37:12) Longshoremen: Pure signability pick at this stage. Just noticed that somehow we forgot to set our draft budget accurately.
(12:37:39) Bulldozers: 8o
(12:37:42) Trendsetters: New Orleans selects C Pedro de la Cruz
(12:37:50) Longshoremen: My second ranked offensive player, but one who wants slot.
(12:38:08) Longshoremen: Alexander that is. I liked de la Cruz too, almost equally.
(12:38:21) Bulldozers: Yuma has way too many catchers in the minor leagues, so I overlooked Señor de la Cruz.
(12:38:37) Commish: Leones up.
(12:38:42) Longshoremen: He's got some defensive problems, but I like that bat as a high schooler.
(12:38:43) Leones: Havana selects SP Robbie Dupuis
(12:38:52) Bulldozers: Dupuis was #5 in my list.
(12:38:53) Leones: my #2 pick. nice
(12:38:54) Coqui: Alexander a late bloomer this year
(12:39:03) Akira: Bect C in the draft, OSA loves him. Catcher in name only though.
(12:39:26) Trendsetters: I am banking on the fact that de la Cruz can eventually learn to catch
(12:39:36) Longshoremen: Dupuis was one of those guys that OSA loved that I just noticed.
(12:39:50) Bulldozers: Now there's a plan: draft 'em and THEN teach 'em to play ball.
(12:40:16) Commish: Badgers select P Peter MacLeish.
(12:40:18) Trendsetters: 8)
(12:40:19) Borealis: Always can DH...
(12:40:46) Codgers: Oh, that pick will break the Claymores' hearts
(12:40:47) Coqui: MacLeish OSA's top rated Int. College pitcher
(12:41:27) Commish: Calzones select P Alberto Rivera.
(12:41:29) Trendsetters: moved all the way to Japan for college
(12:42:44) Commish: Shisa select 2B Pedro Márquez.
(12:42:50) Codgers: Calzones take the pricy young Cuban
(12:43:06) Longshoremen: Marquez was my top-ranked position player. Love the hit tool.
(12:43:12) Borealis: Shia.... Grrrrr....
(12:43:18) Borealis: Ditto James...
(12:43:22) Longshoremen: Strongly considered all the way up at 1-4.
(12:44:02) Commish: Bears select 1B Jeremy Craig.
(12:44:27) Borealis: I knew the pitching run wouldn't last all the way to 32...
(12:45:23) Akira: Rivera wouldbe high on my list but impossible for us to sign
(12:45:24) Commish: Claymores list pick, another CF, Dale Cooper.
(12:45:52) Codgers: Played centerfield for Twin Peaks HS
(12:46:21) Commish: Bears select SS Miguel Nava.
(12:46:38) Codgers: Crickets? C'mon, that joke was golden!
(12:47:12) Coqui: Coqui select 1B Brendon Robertson
(12:47:28) Trendsetters: it took a second but I got it Denny O:-D>:-D
(12:47:30) Coqui: As much as I hate a 1B high, players who can hit are sorely needed
(12:48:13) Codgers: Robertson was our top-ranked position player
(12:48:37) Commish: Hartford selects CF Yoshitsune Sato.
(12:48:39) Coqui: I got my #2 pitcher and my #2 hitter so far
(12:48:50) Codgers: Thank you Mr. Trendsetters! You are obviously a man of rare culture and good taste :D
(12:49:25) Codgers: Hartford drafts Twig!
(12:49:52) Leones: Why I'm stumped!
(12:49:58) Commish: Codgers up.
(12:50:09) Leones: (now that's mint humor Denny! :D)
(12:50:21) Codgers: Oh! I need to quit joking around and pick someone, heh
(12:50:32) Codgers: Oh snap Leones!
(12:50:56) Leones: (my plan to distract the Codgers is working >:-D)
(12:51:30) Borealis: Hey Denny... that 1-1-1-1-1 SS looks SWEET!!!
(12:51:48) Longshoremen: I liked Robertson a lot. One of my top 4 or 5 position players, and all were close (with 2B Marquez being #1, and Robertson, Alexander, de la Cruz all right about the same level)
(12:54:37) Codgers: Palm Springs selects CL Tom Baker
(12:54:48) Borealis: GRRRRRRRRRR...
(12:55:05) Thoroughbreds: do over
(12:55:05) Commish: Best Dr. Who, in my opinion.
(12:55:18) Bulldozers: Amen.
(12:55:56) Codgers: Taken only because he should convert to an SP with good chance of success
(12:56:05) Commish: Arlington selects P Lorne Allen.
(12:56:06) Borealis: Exactly my plan...
(12:56:45) Bulldozers: Why are guys specializing in college as closers? Seems counterproductive to their careers.
(12:57:03) Codgers: college you should be a generalist
(12:57:11) Commish: Florida selects P António Pérez.
(12:57:31) Borealis: Like a BA in General Pitching...
(12:57:36) Thoroughbreds: with his stam he can close in the 6th
(12:57:44) Coqui: Coqui select P Keith Dupree
(12:57:46) Commish: Coqui are up.
(12:57:54) Coqui: luxury of 3 picks
(12:57:55) Bulldozers: Ah, half a starter.
(12:58:11) Codgers: Coqui and Dupree
(12:58:20) Borealis: (Grrrrrrrr)(Grrrrrrr)...
(12:58:21) Commish: Yuma is up.
(12:58:48) Bulldozers: Yuma selects SP Josh Cheney. (As soon as staslab will let us.)
(12:59:26) Codgers: My only concern with Dupree was whether his injury will be debilitating for his whole career
(13:00:06) Bulldozers: Yuma has selected, though it's not showing on the board.
(13:00:23) Bulldozers: Voilá!
(13:00:38) Coqui: Not sure I can sign everyone I draft this year. Dupree pick could roll over to next year but worth the risk if I do.
(13:01:02) Commish: Evas list pick, 3B John Lightbody.
(13:01:05) Bulldozers: Or you could trade Dupree for Colorado River water!
(13:01:15) Codgers: Yes, might be worth it to just roll over the pick to a potentially stronger draft class
(13:01:21) Bulldozers: Top 3B on my list.
(13:01:41) Commish: Borealis are up.
(13:01:52) Admin: Evas logs into the Chat.
(13:01:55) Akira: Good contact but no power for a 3B
(13:02:05) Coqui: I expected to roll some over but like the picks so far.
(13:02:06) Evas: Just popping in for a second.
(13:02:18) Akira: just missed your pick
(13:02:25) Evas: Thrilled with picking up Light body this late in the draft
(13:02:30) Bulldozers: Welcome to the Fun House.
(13:02:37) Coqui: Have to keep 2 of my 2nd rounders and the supplemental pick coming up
(13:02:38) Evas: I actually used my list successfully for once
(13:03:07) Akira: lol good
(13:03:22) Borealis: The Aurora Borealis select with the 32nd pick in Round 1, SP Miguel Torres out of USC...
(13:03:52) Commish: Thoroughbreds up.
(13:04:02) Akira: about where I had him slotted
(13:04:05) Codgers: Torres, eh? Lefthander
(13:04:53) Thoroughbreds: KyT pick SP Scott Chalmers
(13:04:56) Borealis: Smart... a Leader... Hoping he'll improve his control...
(13:05:10) Codgers: Scott "Superintendent" Chalmers!
(13:06:21) Wind_Dancers: Decent pick if he can recover from that partially torn UCL
(13:06:45) Wind_Dancers: He was very good in college pre injury
(13:06:54) Thoroughbreds: It's like picking a 117yo ... time to wait
(13:06:56) Codgers: Rub a little dirt on it, he'll be fine
(13:06:56) Commish: Florida selects P Richard Lindsey.
(13:07:01) Commish: Back to Aurora.
(13:08:14) Codgers: The final pick of the first round is...
(13:08:46) Evas: My scout has Lightbody as the top ranked hitter in the class at (10-5-4-5-7)and ranked him as having the best intangibles of any of the guys on my board. His college stats reek, so this is almost entirely a projection pick.
(13:08:46) Leones: its!..... and now for something completely different.
(13:09:03) Sandgnats: Patiently waiting for my Rob Raines compensation pick
(13:09:08) Borealis: With the 34th selection in the first round, Aurora selects out of Asia University, C Yato Shirane....
(13:09:24) Borealis: Our top rated catcher and 6th rated hitter...
(13:09:26) Evas: Love Cheyney to Yuma at 30. I had him as a top 10 prospect.
(13:09:45) Commish: On to the supplemental round...
(13:10:06) Evas: Anyway, I need to run. Good luck to everyone. And thanks to the Commish & Board. Later guys.
(13:10:09) Leones: Lightbody looks to be a good gamble will be interesting to see how he fares
(13:10:09) Bulldozers: Cheney was #5 on my list. I was shocked he was still available at pick 30.
(13:10:33) Commish: Kalamazoo selects P Arlen Badger.
(13:11:04) Codgers: Champagne pops to begin the supplemental round
(13:11:04) Trendsetters: that HAD to have been on purpose hahahahahaha
(13:11:04) Leones: nice pick 'Zoo was hoping he might slip down curses!
(13:11:54) Admin: Evas has been logged out (Timeout).
(13:12:09) Commish: Codgers are up.
(13:12:44) Commish: There were some anxious moments as I waited to see if Badger would fall to the supplemental.
(13:13:48) Codgers: PS selects SP Pat Phillips
(13:14:33) Commish: Bringing us to the Sandgnats.
(13:14:38) Admin: Bulldozers has been logged out (Timeout).
(13:14:49) Admin: Bulldozers logs into the Chat.
(13:14:59) Sandgnats: Make my list pick please
(13:15:30) Commish: Crystal Lake list pick, P Alfred Barnes.
(13:16:03) Leones: i've still got my #8 pick available form my list. huzzah! anybody else still got a high pick in the poke?
(13:16:06) Codgers: Yep, It was Phillips or Barnes for me
(13:16:27) Trendsetters: I still have my #5 available
(13:16:37) Commish: Evas list pick, C Bob Peña.
(13:16:39) Sandgnats: South Florida!
(13:16:39) Trendsetters: on my own prepared list ... not on statslab
(13:17:05) Coqui: Coqui take P Robby Parker
(13:18:04) Codgers: Looks like "Tag" is it
(13:19:21) Commish: We'll auto draft WV here in a few minutes.
(13:20:15) Codgers: Our list changes depending on how we sort it, by scout ratings or our "elves"' specially pureed statistical blend
(13:20:47) Codgers: Round about now is when we switch over to the elves' judgment almost totally
(13:21:14) Leones: That's gold Denny. Gold!
(13:21:18) Borealis: It's all Hobbits here...
(13:21:36) Leones: it's hobbits all the way down ...
(13:21:45) Borealis: :P:P:P:P
(13:22:05) Codgers: Precious...
(13:22:25) Leones: LOL
(13:22:26) Bulldozers: Oh yessss, my preciousssssss ...
(13:22:47) Borealis: And the Alleghenies choose....
(13:23:00) Bulldozers: Somone! Please!
(13:23:07) Borealis: (it's their only pick today, I think...)
(13:23:32) Bulldozers: And they want their 5 minutes of fame?
(13:23:59) Codgers: I'm sure if it were possible to trade supplemental picks they would have dealt it away too
(13:24:37) Commish: West Virginia selects SS John Romero.
(13:24:50) Bulldozers: To open the second round of our draft, Yuma selects CF Dave Kelly.
(13:25:01) Borealis: YAY!!
(13:25:32) Bulldozers: Thank you, thank you ... (bowing)
(13:26:21) Borealis: ... only 34 picks to go...
(13:26:31) Borealis: These comp picks are out of hand...
(13:26:52) Codgers: Comp picks shmomp picks, I say
(13:27:15) Borealis: a 38 pick round...
(13:27:26) Commish: We had an unusual number of comp picks after last year's draft due to dissatisfaction with the auto picks.
(13:28:12) Borealis: 8)
(13:28:30) Commish: Lions select P Jeroen Smit.
(13:29:11) Akira: Not on my ist but should have been
(13:29:19) Akira: missed him
(13:29:41) Commish: Underground select SS Guillermo Esquivel.
(13:31:03) Commish: Lions select 1B Roberto Valdéz.
(13:31:04) Zephyrs: Am I up?
(13:31:11) Commish: Yup.
(13:31:15) Akira: Not on my list and shouldn't have been
(13:31:46) Zephyrs: Reno selects SP Hector Cortez
(13:31:56) Zephyrs: Cortes
(13:33:40) Commish: Claymores list pick, SP Edward Moore.
(13:33:58) Commish: New Orleans is up.
(13:35:01) Trendsetters: New Orleans select CL Paul de Kook
(13:35:44) Akira: #4 on my list overall
(13:36:11) Commish: Shisa select RF Félix Muñóz.
(13:36:39) Trendsetters: Patrick, that was my #5 guy on my list that was still around
(13:37:12) Commish: Calzones select 3B Butch Ellis.
(13:37:40) Commish: Longshoremen are up.
(13:38:19) Longshoremen: Longshoremen take RF Takao Ito (StatsLab won't let me.)
(13:39:55) Commish: Underground select 3B Hugh Weaver.
(13:40:11) Borealis: ... 22 to go...
(13:40:17) Leones: nice pick Reg
(13:41:09) Commish: Claymores list pick, C Tsurayuki Ito.
(13:41:20) Commish: Akira are up.
(13:42:14) Akira: NT selects MR Fumihiro Murase
(13:42:33) Akira: #5 overall on my board
(13:42:55) Leones: Tsurayuki Ito was my #8 now we're looking at an audible ..
(13:43:02) Coqui: Coqui select SS Bill Navarro
(13:43:12) Coqui: Coqui select P Barney Stone
(13:43:48) Thoroughbreds: Blarney
(13:44:29) Commish: Badgers select SS Ed Madore.
(13:45:07) Coqui: Madore ranked #2 player USCBA...didn't see it myself
(13:45:26) Wind_Dancers: Wind Dancers select RP Mal 'Prince' Cooper
(13:46:33) Akira: Madore has already been drafted twice
(13:46:41) Akira: 3rd time a charm?
(13:47:33) Commish: Bears select C P.J. Manning.
(13:47:37) Trendsetters: as a french guy, I love Ed Madore's name
(13:48:03) Trendsetters: if you tweak it slightly to "Ed M'Adore", it translates to "Ed Loves Me" in french
(13:48:06) Borealis: Look at Madore's history - how is it he's even in the draft...
(13:48:27) Commish: Hartford selects 2B Kichisaburo Abe.
(13:48:57) Coqui: Coqui take 2B Manuel Alvarado
(13:49:50) Akira: Abe #1 in the draft, alphabeticly
(13:50:45) Commish: Hartford select LF Rich Watson.
(13:50:56) Commish: New Orleans is up.
(13:53:51) Trendsetters: New Orleans selects MR Colton Roman
(13:55:44) Commish: Florida selects CF Zacarías Esparza.
(13:56:27) Coqui: Coqui select P Troy Hall
(13:57:19) Commish: Leones are up.
(13:58:09) Leones: Havana selects MR Steve Mason
(13:59:09) Codgers: San Juan is hoovering up every player in the draft!
(13:59:41) Commish: Calzones select 2B Huang-fu Kong.
(14:02:33) Commish: Shisa select C Júlio Martínez.
(14:03:43) Commish: Fargo list pick, CF Nicholas Leslie.
(14:05:01) Commish: Bears select C Zepherinus Jones.
(14:05:05) Borealis: Nice list pick...
(14:05:11) Borealis: Fargo...
(14:05:44) Commish: Fargo list pick, CF Eric Chappell.
(14:06:06) Codgers: Zepherinus is off the board? Aw man
(14:06:09) Borealis: Followed by a huh...
(14:06:11) Commish: Codgers are up.
(14:06:41) Codgers: OK, three guys I have to decide between....back in a bit
(14:07:12) Commish: The only Saint Lucian in the draft, I believe.
(14:08:44) Codgers: Palm Springs selects CL Joe 'Scotty' Scott, from Scotland
(14:09:06) Commish: Arlington selects C Will Carroll.
(14:10:06) Akira: Joe Scott, ERA of 0.00 in 21 IP
(14:10:24) Commish: Crystal lake list pick, CF Roberto Alaniz.
(14:10:26) Borealis: Scott was on the radar...
(14:10:38) Commish: Yuma is up.
(14:11:27) Bulldozers: Yuma selects SS Britt Collins.
(14:11:29) Leones: This is one tough draft. You guys are killing my list. That never happens. :?
(14:12:31) Commish: Aurora is up.
(14:15:25) Borealis: With the 76th pick in the 2027 draft, Aurora selects MR Brian Clark out of Bishop Moore HS...
(14:16:39) Commish: Thoroughbreds on the clock.
(14:17:52) Akira: Clark a good flyer pick, if injury doesn't affect him long term
(14:18:05) Thoroughbreds: 3B Addie Faes
(14:18:43) Codgers: The man of the most bizarre nickname
(14:18:48) Borealis: Ah... Faes.... good pick...
(14:19:07) Commish: Florida selects C Sam Peterson.
(14:19:12) Thoroughbreds: you took my reliver
(14:19:12) Commish: and back to Aurora...
(14:19:26) Borealis: +7 taken at 77...
(14:21:09) Borealis: With the 79th and lsat pick of the second round, out of Stanford, Aurora takes CF Mario Flores...
(14:21:59) Bulldozers: To open the 3d round, Yuma selects SS Bob Clayton.
(14:22:49) Bulldozers: And in a back2back pick, before my departure for lunch, the Dozers also pick CF Tim Bell.
(14:22:51) Borealis: a 26 team league and 79 picks through 2 rounds... man...
(14:23:07) Bulldozers: So long gents. Until tomorrow.
(14:23:15) Borealis: See Ya Bob!!
(14:23:52) Commish: Lions select C Cliff 'Trucker' van den Hombergh.
(14:24:00) Commish: See you later, Bob.
(14:24:01) Admin: Bulldozers logs out of the Chat.
(14:24:04) Codgers: Farewell Bob!
(14:24:17) Codgers: Woop, missed him :(
(14:24:50) Commish: Reno has the next two.
(14:26:21) Leones: Cya Bob!
(14:27:29) Zephyrs: Reno selects Bob Villa to fix my bathroom
(14:27:43) Codgers: This Old Centerfielder
(14:27:56) Admin: Sandgnats has been logged out (Timeout).
(14:28:38) Zephyrs: Reno selects SS Norm Norris
(14:29:01) Commish: Claymores list pick, 3B Cipriano Barrera.
(14:29:32) Thoroughbreds: this old house was next on my list
(14:29:45) Commish: Canton is up.
(14:30:04) Longshoremen: Longshoremen pick C Bob Cobb
(14:30:44) Thoroughbreds: 'Nobb'
(14:31:08) Commish: back to Reno...
(14:31:30) Zephyrs: Reno selects CF Danny Shillto
(14:31:47) Codgers: What the Shilto!?
(14:32:09) Zephyrs: Gotta go guys. Should be in and out now. Thanks for another smooth and fun draft day!
(14:32:19) Borealis: a Geologist with a lisp...
(14:32:23) Codgers: Bye!
(14:32:30) Borealis: See ya tomorrow Scott!
(14:32:38) Commish: London selects 2B Arturo Santos.
(14:32:45) Leones: See ya Denny! nice jokes!
(14:32:45) Commish: See you later, Scott.
(14:32:57) Leones: Bye Scott!
(14:33:02) Codgers: Not me, Scott of Reno is departing
(14:33:10) Commish: Akira are up.
(14:33:13) Codgers: You can't get rid of me that easily
(14:33:18) Codgers: >:-D
(14:34:45) Leones: :o)
(14:35:02) Akira: NT selects P Sojuro Matsuda
(14:35:28) Zephyrs: I prefer the original Scott. :P
(14:35:43) Codgers: "O.S."
(14:35:58) Zephyrs: I'll take OS
(14:36:15) Codgers: heh
(14:36:16) Commish: Claymores list pick, C Marvin Kenney.
(14:36:27) Commish: back to Akira...
(14:37:48) Codgers: There are two guys in particular I would not mind picking. Hopefully NT and SJ don't screw it up for me
(14:38:23) Akira: NT selects MR Herb Williams
(14:38:42) Codgers: Former Indiana Pacers basketball star...
(14:38:47) Coqui: Hmm. Pitcher or hitter I wonder since between my picks
(14:39:08) Codgers: yes
(14:39:32) Coqui: Coqui select P Joey Hazen
(14:40:00) Akira: All my picks were in my top 20 overall, hope my scout is right.
(14:40:03) Trendsetters: I gotta go guys. Morris, I have a list that should cover my 3rd rounder. see you guys tomorrow!
(14:40:20) Thoroughbreds: :o)
(14:40:46) Admin: Trendsetters logs out of the Chat.
(14:40:49) Commish: See you tomorrow, Reg.
(14:41:08) Codgers: Palm Springs selects CL Rudy Howard
(14:41:18) Coqui: Coqui take P Juan Gonzales
(14:41:25) Leones: By Reg!
(14:41:27) Codgers: A message to you, Rudy: "You're drafted"
(14:42:25) Codgers: Coqui Hazen was on my radar, but not one of the two guys I was thanks, I guess :P
(14:42:50) Admin: Akira has been logged out (Timeout).
(14:42:58) Coqui: Well messed me up anyway. I prefered to switch those two picks but I liked Hazen so thought I should take him.
(14:43:10) Commish: Badgers select C Richard Hodges and CF Andrés Costa.
(14:43:16) Coqui: Gonzalez I have to sign that pick
(14:43:31) Codgers: Very good, always glad to disrupt the plans of others O:-D
(14:43:34) Coqui: comp rollover
(14:44:07) Commish: Bears select RF Carlos Torres.
(14:44:21) Wind_Dancers: Wind Dancers select SP Mito Okuda
(14:45:13) Commish: Bears select 2B Jesús Díaz.
(14:46:25) Codgers: Yes, I hope you set aside a big budget to sign all these guys
(14:46:57) Commish: Hartford selects 3B Ramón Martínez and RF Kevin Stevens.
(14:47:05) Coqui: $16 million. Didn't expect to like most of the picks though. Have 2 each through 6th round as well.
(14:47:52) Commish: New Orleans list pick, CL Les Harding.
(14:47:56) Admin: Sandgnats logs into the Chat.
(14:47:56) Commish: Leones are up.
(14:48:12) Coqui: I had just moved Ramon Martinez up on my board :(
(14:49:02) Leones: Havana selects SS Blake Beck
(14:50:53) Commish: Calzones select SP Alfonso Garza.
(14:51:33) Sandgnats: Wow my draft board is doing pretty well so far. Will someone please post the transcript later.
(14:52:20) Thoroughbreds: we all got to check oujt your draft board prior to starting
(14:52:40) Commish: Shisa select SS Yoritomo Fujii.
(14:53:11) Sandgnats: Haha thanks Diane
(14:53:19) Sandgnats: I mean Duane
(14:53:27) Sandgnats: Damn auto correct
(14:53:30) Thoroughbreds: B)
(14:53:32) Commish: Fargo list pick, CF Dan Riley.
(14:53:32) Codgers: lol
(14:55:31) Commish: Bears select SP Jim Rowe.
(14:55:59) Borealis: Adios Messi!! Adios Ronaldo!!
(14:56:12) Wind_Dancers: What a match
(14:56:48) Codgers: I thought the Bears took him already
(14:56:59) Thoroughbreds: :help:
(14:57:30) Commish: Crystal Lake list pick, CF Haranobu Chikafuji.
(14:57:39) Codgers: OK whew
(14:57:42) Sandgnats: Lol
(14:57:50) Codgers: Everything makes sense again
(14:57:50) Sandgnats: That pick works too
(14:57:58) Commish: Codgers are up.
(14:58:28) Codgers: Palm Springs selects SP Jacob Briggs
(14:59:13) Codgers: Who will likely be going back to school next year
(14:59:19) Commish: Arlington selects 2B Iestyn Stuckey.
(15:00:29) Coqui: Coqui select 1B (or C) Zier Geerdinkck
(15:00:48) Wind_Dancers: See you all tomorrow!
(15:00:49) Commish: Yuma is up.
(15:01:27) Leones: Cheers Dylan!
(15:01:30) Borealis: Yuma's a list pick...
(15:01:36) Borealis: See Ya Dylan...
(15:01:39) Commish: Bye, Dylan.
(15:02:14) Codgers: Bye Dylan
(15:02:39) Commish: Yuma list pick, 2B David Parker.
(15:02:54) Commish: Aurora and Kentucky up next.
(15:03:05) Admin: Wind_Dancers has been logged out (Timeout).
(15:03:15) Thoroughbreds: si
(15:04:47) Thoroughbreds: what is start time tomorrow?
(15:05:10) Commish: Same time, 1 Eastern.
(15:05:34) Borealis: With the 113th selection, in round 3, Aurora selects CF Paul Stone out of West Virginia...
(15:05:44) Admin: Coqui has been logged out (Timeout).
(15:07:06) Thoroughbreds: with the 900th pick of the 3rd round, KyT selects RF Merlin Douglas
(15:07:58) Commish: Florida selects CF Angus Paisley.
(15:10:21) Borealis: With the 116th selection, in round 3, Aurora selects SP Tim Wilson out of Tulane...
(15:10:49) Sandgnats: Yayyyyy
(15:10:52) Borealis: His movement sucks, but rates out as top remaining starter for us...
(15:10:56) Sandgnats: Good job all
(15:11:26) Commish: That ends Draft Day 1. Thanks, everybody.
(15:11:36) Leones: Nice work gents!
(15:12:16) Sandgnats: Please post the transcript someone :)
(15:12:34) Codgers: Good job all
(15:12:36) Commish: I'll have the transcript up in a few minutes.
(15:13:01) Sandgnats: Thanks Morris!
(15:13:10) Sandgnats: Adios all!

Morris Ragland

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 3:49 pm 
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer
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Thanks for a smooth Day 1 Morris!!

As we learned last year, everyone's evaluations are all over the board - our 6 selections were in our top 32...

I do think we need to look at the compensation picks for unsigned players - 116 picks for three rounds (78 would be the expected, plus supplemental) is pretty ridiculous... and I get that a lot of guys passed on drafted players last season because they didn't like them, but it's getting out of control... I think a drafted player should at least get one slot offer before they're allowed to walk... it's kinda not fair...

Also, I don't know if this can happen, but maybe for the draft (or permenantly) we have StatsLab display OSA ratings so that players look a tad more realistic and 'non-listed' picks may be a better pick than the StatsLab crap shoot...

Just my 2¢...

Michael Topham, President Golden Entertainment & President-CEO of the Aurora Borealis
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:39 pm 
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Borealis wrote:
As we learned last year, everyone's evaluations are all over the board - our 6 selections were in our top 32...

This concerns me most about this league. If the best teams are able to draft the best players, there is no chance for the bad teams to ever compete. The revenue is far slanted towards the good teams. I have done my best to draft well and have drafted very high, but if I cannot out draft the Auroras of the league, then I am wasting my time here.

Scott Maynor GM Reno Zephyrs
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:12 pm 
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Scott, keep in mind that it’s my calculation of what’s best 32 - that doesn’t mean they are the best 32. Multiple GMs expressed similar opinions about their first three rounds... I actually have little confidence about the current rating system as it relates to my analytic system. I can’t comment on mine vs. someone else’s...

Michael Topham, President Golden Entertainment & President-CEO of the Aurora Borealis
2019, 2021, 2022, 2023 PEBA Champions

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:40 pm 
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I'd add that different teams have different needs which changes the players they should/may seek. A top pitcher is great but of less value if your team needs hitters for example. In the LRS, the Battousai used to emphasize batters with fielding and speed skills and character played a big part in making a decision on a player. That changed drastically when we got to the PEBA; the Havana club has taken a totally different tack.

Don't be afraid to take what's best for your club even if somebody else (OSA, other clubs etc..) values it differently. You'll have more fun and your team will be better for it.

Patrick Hildreth
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:13 pm 
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Zephyrs wrote:
Borealis wrote:
As we learned last year, everyone's evaluations are all over the board - our 6 selections were in our top 32...

This concerns me most about this league. If the best teams are able to draft the best players, there is no chance for the bad teams to ever compete. The revenue is far slanted towards the good teams. I have done my best to draft well and have drafted very high, but if I cannot out draft the Auroras of the league, then I am wasting my time here.

Scott, you're only wasting your time if your only goal is winning. That's such a boring goal. And so elusive. Much more rewarding to play for the fun of it, with the hope of competing, nothing more. Let the winners suffer in their anxiety. Embrace losing ... and laughing!

Bob Mayberry
Yuma Bulldozers
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:28 pm 
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Competing against the big budget teams can be daunting for sure, but I think that adds realism. Hang on to your decent prospects, string together a few good seasons, and you'll start improving financially. Teams can't be championship quality forever and eventually, if other teams are patient, the tables COULD turn. Honestly, the best way to counter these dynasty teams is to not trade them the next gen of prospects when they are looking to recycle their older guys.

You have yourself a pretty good scout so you should be okay with his opinions.

Dylan Krupilis
GM - Toyama Wind Dancers

PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 2:49 pm 
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I think there is more divergence in scouts' opinions than there used to be, so that outside of the very top handful of prospects, not every team is chasing after the same guys at the draft; for instance, the Codgers also got 7 guys in OUR top 32.

Wind Dancers wrote:
Honestly, the best way to counter these dynasty teams is to not trade them the next gen of prospects when they are looking to recycle their older guys.
THIS x 1000. It's not some magically better scouting ability that the top teams have, it's that bad teams keep handing them the top end draft picks so they can keep drafting the best players! :-?
Happily, I think teams are finally starting to figure this out, as this year's top draft slots all went to lower-finishing clubs.

Denny Hills
O.C. (Original Codger)

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