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Drama in Duluth?
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Author:  kiersteadmo [ Fri Mar 02, 2018 2:38 am ]
Post subject:  Drama in Duluth?


Tricia Takanawa
Nov 8th, 2026

Some fan may have heard the whispers months ago when Duluth Warrior SP Luis 'Chief' Nieves personally emailed team general manager Mark Kierstead about a contract extension. Not much came about of the email or meetings until the playoff started. Nieves kept persisting that the team gets his contract extension done before the end of the season. With the PEBA championship going on right now it has been very noticeable that Nieves has not seen action. I had a chance to get a comment earlier today from Nieves about the ongoing issue with his contract.

"Well, it is a business and we all know that. When we sign to a team and look forward to staying around as long as they say you get your hopes up. I was always told I was welcome here as long as I produced. I did great this season. I played at a very high level and if the team cannot see that then that is on them. Umm... All I know is I was suited and booted ready to go, and scratched game after game. They would not have beaten Aurora without me that is for sure. I am not a greedy man, but when I show up ready to go do not scratch me because of contract issues."

Nieves quickly hurried away before I could get more out of him and decided to go find out for myself what is going on. So I headed to the front office of the Duluth Warriors.

GM Mark Kierstead has come along ways since his time in LRS he is more involved in the day to day activities instead of personal issues. That has been something the fans were happy to see throughout the season. When l asked Kierstead about the comments made by Nieves he had this to say.

"Chief is a good player as yes we are a business, However, the drama he has tried to cause is reflecting upon the team in a series where we have to fight our way back. Players do not want to hear about the contract this or contract that in the middle of warmups. This is not a high school for crying out loud. Chief did not do as well as we had hoped for $18,000,000 a year. 5 years ago he was making $30,000 now he wants to make upwards of 20,000,000. I am not having it. Any team that pays him $20,000,0000 for 11 wins 11 losses can have him. We will not be extending his stay here. If you want to talk to other players to see what they think you are more than welcome. I am sorry I have to get ready for the game today. The players should be in the mess hall eating if you want to stop by there on your way out."

The first player I bumped into was P Ed 'Peppers' Emery #16

"Personally you will find that most guys feel the same way when I tell you this. Chief should have kept this internal instead of leaking it to the press. This distraction is at a very bad time for us and it affects every player here. From the grounds crew to the bench everyone has so much on their minds that this is the last thing we needed."

Another player I caught on his way out was P José 'Bullfrog' Hernández

"Man...Just Cu'mon why now... Why bring this up now Chief? Really Now... I will be honest I love money and I love the game. I would never ruin the flow like we have had over contract issues. Those are for behind closed doors only. Chief talks too much, always talking about a contract this, contract that. I mean everywhere. Mess hall, Field, Bullpen, and Showers for crying out loud. I agree with whatever the team does because he could have ruined our PEBA championship run. Not once has he apologized or stepped back and looked at the team as a whole instead of himself."

It seems to me that the distractions are real and Chief could not have brought them up at a worse time. Duluth has 1 final home game and if needed it goes back to Kentucky for the final 2 games. This might be a hole Chief dug that the team cannot get out of.

Author:  kiersteadmo [ Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drama in Duluth?

Tricia Takanawa
Nov 10th, 2026

Fans have notices starting pitcher Luis 'Chief' Nieves had not been seen in the past few days. Some were told he was ill or sick and needed time off but there was nothing on the injury report stating such. Then other news hit that he was given the boot by team GM Mark Kierstead after tossing soup during a meeting with players over how the next few games needed to go. When announced that he was yet again scratched from starting he abruptly stood up and threw his soup. It was not discussed if it was at someone or not. Players were quick to come to the team's defense and Nieves was quickly escorted from the building and asked not to return to the team... Ever!

When I finally had the chance to talk to team representatives I was only told that he is no longer employed by the team and that he has been released. League officials told us the matter is a non-issue as it was handled by the Duluth Warriors and appropriate action had been taken. I have reached out to Nieves but have not heard back. His agent also gave us a no comment.

Whatever happened must have been great for team morale as Duluth has forced a game 7 when they were down an astonishing 3-1 deficit.

Author:  Borealis [ Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drama in Duluth?

Now that 'Chief' has finally agreed to a deal to come to the Front Range, it'll be interesting to see what he has to say about Kierstead and the Duluth front office... I'd guess based on Tricia T's reports, it's going to be ugly...

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