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PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 6:01 pm 
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Example trade post:

(Post initiated by Manchester)

Trade between MAN and BAK

Bakersfield receives:
SS Ernest Mathis
MR Stan French (AAA)
LF Raúl Flores (SS-A - DL)
Bakersfield's 3rd round draft pick
San Antonio's 5th round draft pick

Manchester receives:
3B Shi-xian Qu (DFA)
SP Lawrence Roberson (AAA)
RF Keith Clements (AA - DL)
SP Greg Blackburn (Hi-A)
Manchester's 1st round draft pick

Please insert Qu as the starting 3B and #6 hitter vs LHP and RHP. Thank you.

Trade post protocol

  1. Format your subject header like this: "Trade between [team #1] and [team #2]".
  2. The initial poster should include these details in the body of his post:
    • Precisely what each team is receiving (first listing the trade partner's portion, then his own portion)
    • The players involved, with their names linked to their player pages
    • The abbreviated positions the players play (including separate designations for SP, MR and CL)
    • The location of each involved player as of the start of the sim, including abbreviations for minor league levels, DFA and Disabled List (players on major league rosters do not require league level abbreviations)
    • Any cash exchanging hands
    • Any draft picks exchanging hands, along with the round of the pick and the team that the pick initially belonged to
  3. The owner making the follow-up confirmation post should quote the initial post when giving his confirmation. This is to ensure that the first owner doesn't edit his post later on.
  4. You may include any "color commentary" you like in your posts as long as the first three criteria are met.

Posting tips

  • List what each team receives rather than what they give. The creator of the post should start by listing what his trade partner is receiving before listing what he is receiving.
  • When you're listing a player, do it in this format (without the brackets): [Position] [Hyperlinked Name] [(Level - DL - DFA)]. Example: RF José Maldonado (SS-A - DL). Do not hyperlink anything except the player names!
  • Players should be listed in order of their league level, with highest league level players be listed first.
  • Players should be listed first, followed by any cash that is changing hands, and finally any draft picks that are being exchanged.
  • If a player is in the majors, you don't need to list his level.
  • PEBA owners: Make sure you differentiate between "Hi-A" and "SS-A" so I know where to find the player.
  • LRS owners: Your lowest minor league level should be abbreviated "(A)".
  • When trading draft picks, list which team the pick originally belonged to. In most cases this will be your own team, but sometimes picks that have been acquired from other teams are involved.
  • You can specify where to assign newly acquired players (see here for details). Make sure you've cleared a space on the roster and in the position you wish the player to be placed.

How to hyperlink player names in the forum

To link names, highlight the name and click the "URL" button above the text box. You'll see two bracketed "url" tags appear around the name. Add an "=" directly after the first "url" tag (within the brackets) and then paste the address of the player's HTML page. Only link the player's name - the player's position and level go outside the "url" tags. Here is an example of what a proper link to a player should look like (just remove the space between "[" and "url"):

MR [ url=]Grant Mullen[/url] (AAA)

The player position goes before the [url] tags. The player level and DL/DFA status goes after the [url] tags. Only the player name goes inside the [url] tags.

NOTE: The above post has been updated as of January 27, 2010. Please take a moment to review the post. With the trade deadline for both leagues approaching, I feel we can all use a refresher on proper completed trade thread protocol. I am expecting a high volume of trade activity over the next month and editing trade posts takes a fair amount of time. Therefore, I will not confirm completed trades until they are formatted to conform to our standard protocol. Thank you in advance for taking the time to properly format your posts!

John Rodriguez
Hard at work...

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