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 Post subject: Toyama 2026 Draft Review
PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:15 am 
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The 2026 PEBA Draft was a controversial one for most teams, but the new brass in Toyama deemed it successful.

Toyama Draft Review

Round 1 Pick 13
SP Jeffrey Mendoza - Cincinnati Unifiers (COL)
With the 13th pick in the 1st round, new gm Dylan Krupilis selected Jeffrey Mendoza, a starting pitcher out of the University of Cincinnati. Mendoza topped Toyama’s draft list after finishing his college career at 22-8 with a 1.89 ERA. His senior season, Mendoza went 8-1 and finished with a 1.29 ERA despite his team finishing with a meager .500 record. Mendoza sports a three-pitch repertoire including a fastball that tops out at 100mph and a developed change-up, something young pitchers tend to struggle with. His stamina gives him a consistent delivery late into games and Toyama scouts think his control over his pitches will be his key strength moving forward.

Round 2 Pick 51
RF David 'Hands' Trujillo - Indiana Big Daddies (COL)
Looking to boost the quality of the Toyama farm, the Wind Dancers selected Trujillo in the second round. While there are concerns about his ability to see the ball, there is no doubting his ability to hit the ball. During his 4 year stay at IU, ‘Hands’ never hit below .314, finishing with a whopping .331/.400/.608 in his college career. Despite his less than blinding speed, ‘Hands’ has considerable upside in right field where he has shown a very consistent glove. The thing that stood out to Toyama scouts is Trujillo’s locker room presence. An old-school work ethic mixed with a natural born leader, ‘Hands’ is likely to be a fan favorite in Toyama.

Round 3 Pick 77
P Daichi Chishu - Meiji University Troika (COL)
Chishu was selected in the 3rd round after finishing three seasons at Meiji University in Tokyo. Chishu is a workhorse control pitcher who projects to have a killer changeup to go along with an above average fastball and slider. Chishu made playoffs his sophomore year and was consistent during his 3 years, though he went through a home run rough patch this past season. Despite struggling to keep the ball in the park, scouts project an end of the rotation spot for the Japanese youngster.

Round 4 Pick 104
P Todd Gustafson - Seton Hall Rampage (COL)
Toyama continued their haul of early pitchers by taking Gustafson in the 4th round. Out of Seton Hall, Gustafson played well all 4 years with his peak coming in 2024 when he boated a 1.04 ERA capping off back-to-back playoff appearances and finishing as runner-up for the Outstanding Pitcher award. He has regressed a bit after that performance but was still a quality option for the Rampage. Many scouts question how late he can go into games and whether he can properly develop his 3rd pitch changeup.

Round 5 Pick 130
C Trent Miller - Louisville High Fives (COL)
In the 5th round, Toyama selected Trent Miller a catcher out of Louisville. Miller is your run of the mill catcher with a keen eye for the ball and some pop to his bat. Despite needing positioning and movement work behind the plate, there is no denying his cannon of an arm. Miller picked off 37 runners in his 4 years at Louisville racking up a 37.4 CS%. If his defense can improve along with his bat, he could sneak his way into the majors.

Round 6 Pick 156
CF Alexander Buchan - Ciefuegos Peloteros (COL)
In the 6th round, Toyama selected the high-flying center fielder Alexander Buchan. After playing as a bottom of the lineup defensive CF for 3 years, Buchan had his breakout season in 2026. In his senior year, Buchan hit .303 along with swiping 14 bases and earning a +13.7 ZR in centerfield. If Buchan can develop a feasible bat, his defense and speed should carry him through his career.

Round 7 Pick 182
RP Naofumi Yamaguchi - Chiben HS Namami Samurai (HS)
In the 7th Toyama drafted their first high school player in the pool, RP Naofumi Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi was a mixed ace in high school racking up a 12-1 record over 4 years. He spent his first 2 seasons as a starter before finding himself a better fit for a relief role. Across 126 innings, Yamaguchi held a 1.64 ERA and averaged 10.2 Ks per 9 innings. Yamaguchi was pivotal in the school’s success, with 3 playoff appearances and one championship during his time. After an incredible season in 2026, Yamaguchi fell apart in playoff allowing the same amount of runs (3) as he had that entire regular season.

Round 8 Pick 208
2B Yukio Rin - Asia University Geckos
In the 8th round, Toyama went with the unconventional Yukio Rin. Rin didn’t start playing baseball until his 2nd year of high school. In college, Rin played in 1 game in his first 2 years and then struggled on the bench in his 3rd year. Rin was given full command of second base in 2025, his senior year, where he continued to struggle with the bat. After going undrafted in 2025, Rin continued to work and train in an attempt to get drafted in 2026. Rin struggles mightily at the plate but he excels on the base path and in the field. Blinding speed and magic hands at second translates to a minor leaguer at best.

Round 9 Pick 234
3B Gabriel Lavoie - San Juan College Oceans
Out of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Lavoie was selected in the 9th round. Lavoie was a pillar of consistency in college often sitting around .265-.270 and good for 3-4 HRs per year. Gabriel has deceptive speed for a third baseman something Toyama would like for him to play off of more. At third, Lavoie has a monster arm making long throws across the diamond look easy. He sees the ball well but will need to take the next step to become a major league player.

Round 10 Pick 260
SP Anthony Compton - Ohio State Scarlet Brutes
Compton was selected in the 10th fresh off his 2nd season as a starter. Compton spent his first two years in a relief role before earning himself a starts job in his final 2. Compston projects as an average pitcher who could be a spot starter mid-season after injuries. Compton is a natural workhorse, able to pitch deep into games with the same delivery. He throws a knuckle-curve that scouts think could become his top pitch besides his fastball. Developing his changeup will decide his future, a future as a quality reliever isn’t out of the question.

Round 11 Pick 286
RF Jakob Vink - Delft Engineers (COL)
A 4-year starter, Vink was Toyama’s 11th round pick. Vink continues the theme of the draft with blinding speed a solid fielding. Vink looks like your traditional leadoff hitter in the untraditional Right Field role. Toyama scouts have labeled him “one of the fastest players in baseball” and think he could earn a PEBA role if he can become more consistent at the plate.

Round 12 Pick 312
SS/2B Lorenzo dos Passos - University of Sydney Wallabies
Dos Passos joins Toyama in the 12th round. In his native Cuba, Passos is known as “Demonio de la Velocidad” which loosely translates to Speed Demon. Passos speed isn’t what makes him unique, it’s his hyper-aggressiveness on base coupled with his speed. He will taunt you the second he gets on base and isn’t afraid to take on the best catchers. Passos is proven at both second and shortstop playing both roles exceptionally. Though sorely lacking the ability to hit the ball, Passos should be a fan favorite in the organization.

Round 13 Pick 338
LF Bob ‘Otter’ Buggins - Outback State University Crocs
From “Downunder” Otter was the 13th round pick. Buggins career has been a journey without a doubt. Drafted out of high school but the Manchester Maulers in 2022, Buggins failed to sign after deciding to go live in the outback itself. Living in the middle of nowhere, Buggins was smart enough to survive in the harsh land. After 3 years in exile, Buggins grew bored of the outback life and enrolled in college after everyone assumed he had disappeared off the face of the earth. Buggins signed a minor league contract with Kentucky in 2025 but never played a game, opting to return to college again. After only 1 AB in 2026, Buggins was drafted by Toyama with gm Krupilis stating “Why the hell not, I’m sure he has some stories”.

Round 14 Pick 364
C Laurent Lahaie - University of Sydney Wallabies
Lahaie joins college teammate dos Passos in Toyama as the 14th round pick. After a .301 BA season in his freshman year, Lahaie regressed throughout college, never sporting an OBP higher than .298 after that season. Scouts think he can refine his hitting form but project him more as a defensive backstop who won’t cause any ruckus in the locker room.

Round 15 Pick 390
RP Juan Ramirez - Chatsworth HS Chancellors
Only the 2nd high school draftee for Toyama, Ramirez was the 15th and final pick in 2026. Up & down in high school, Ramirez missed all of 2025 after suffering a torn flexor tendon in his elbow. Despite the injury, Ramirez returned in 2026 to pitch 18.2 innings with a 0.96 ERA narrowly missing playoffs by 1 game. Not flashy, Ramirez brings a cutter/slider combo to the mound and should level out as a minor league reliever.

Dylan Krupilis
GM - Toyama Wind Dancers

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