Fargo and Crystal Lake to Face-off in Series to Define the Season

Updated: September 23, 2019


Fargo and Crystal Lake to Face-off in Series to Define the Season
Updated: September 10, 2029 – 6:05 AM

By Howard Heskin, Gnats Beat Writer and ESPN PEBA Correspondent – Twitter @HowardHeskin1

Midway through June Crystal Lake was 12.5 games behind first place Fargo with only a 34 percent chance to make the playoffs. Today, Crystal Lake faces-off with a 3 game series against Fargo, while leading the division by 4.5 games and with a Sovereign League best record of 92-52. A series win will help consolidate a strong position to re-take the division after 4 consecutive second place finishes since the Championship 2020 season. But a series sweep by Fargo will place Fargo in a great position to potentially take the division once again.

Crystal Lake’s record since the All-Star Break is a league best 42-14, while Fargo has cooled off to 29-25. Let’s dig deeper in to the Stats to see if we can see the difference maker.

Not much has changed for the hitting stats between both teams. Crystal Lake hits for slightly more power besting Fargo by 7 more home runs Pre All-Star Break and 5 more currently Post All-Star Break. Fargo has a higher OBP pre and post All-Star break compared to Crystal Lake, but Crystal Lake hits better for average. OPS for both teams sits at a just about even .731 with most other statistical areas staying pretty much the same. One clear different though is runs scored. Pre All-Star Break Fargo posted 421 to Crystal Lake’s 389. However, Crystal Lake has flipped this statistical area scoring 261 runs Post All-Star Break compared to Fargo’s 244. Fargo has been drawing less walks since the break, potentially leading to less runs scored.

However, the big difference in the tale of these two teams has been pitching. Pre All-Star Break, Fargo’s team ERA was 2.94 and Crystal Lake 3.71. Now, Post All-Star Break, Crystal Lake has a team ERA of 2.62 and Fargo 3.50. Both teams have flipped position in each statistical category in regards to pitching with Fargo increasing walks per game and less strike outs per game and vice versa leading to the obvious result with Crystal Lake giving up less runs and Fargo giving up more.

As the late John Madden used to say, you need to score more than the other team to win the game.

Tonight the 7:05PM CST start time features Fargo’s Ernesto Molina (14-6, 2.27 ERA) v. Crystal Lake’s Jim MacCowan (12-5, 3.00 ERA).

In his last outing MacCowan struck out 11 with no walks through 7.1 to earn the win against Aurora. Molina is returning from an injury where he left his last start with back spasms against Shin Seiki. Presently Fargo leads the season series 6-4.