Canton In Good Hands?

Updated: June 30, 2019

Canton; Svab Memorial Stadium, a back office..

William Marsten’s office door closes and two gentlemen walk briskly down the halls of Svab Memorial.

“What a fool! He has no direction! Brings someone of my caliber into this Podunk town to lead, and the best he has for me is ‘Winning would be nice, but do what you can..'”

“Sir… he can probably still hear you.. and haven’t you lived here for the past 20+ years?”

“Oh be quiet Jules, what do you know. Just take some damn notes and make the phone calls. I need some better players! This team is a joke! Who do we even have here? I can’t even remember because all that consumes me is this smell!”

“We have Dracula sir.. he had a break out year last year and is primed to lead us this year. Some would say this is his team to lead.”

Huh? We have a vampire bat on the team. I am not kidding Jules! We need to make some damn money or I will be back to selling gag banana peels from the corner 4th and McKinley.. I can’t go back there.. you don’t want to go back there.. DO YOU!”

There’s always money in the banana stand sir.. besides that, we have another great youngster in Félix Rodríguez. If we can get some additional players around Félix and Dracula, we may have something going here.”

“Feliz Navidad? It’s only April Jules, stop being ridiculous. Look at the farm! We have nothing! We can’t sustain anything! Get on the damn phone, get me the names of some of these other General Managers. I need to start wheeling and dealing. They didn’t call me the ‘Banana Peel King’ of Downtown Canton for nothing!”

Sigh… “Alright Mr. Czosnyka.. er, Sir.. I will see what I can do.”

Jules Kamien, personal assistant to General Manager Mr. Czosnyka, could only stare as his new boss walked away flailing his arms and talking to himself..

“Why do I do this? I told myself I wouldn’t let myself get bossed around anymore..” Rubbing vigorously at his temples “Time to make some phone calls I guess..”