Of Mayors and Membranes

Updated: June 6, 2019

Gary Trundleburry, Shin Seiki Post

1/27/2029: Nagoya, Japan

While the hot stove in Shin Seiki seems to ceaselessly sizzle, the minor league headlines continue to cause confidence amongst the affected affiliates.

To date, the Evas have added Autobots around Atsumi, made more marketable merchandise in Marduk, and suped-up the solemn sombreros in Seoul.

They even made Mitsu the mayor of mash manufacturing in Marduk.

Surely, such splendid sights sated the sultans in Shin Seiki?

Wrong – retractable roofs and refined ramparts remained!

Walls – whisked, whirled and whittled to precipitate predictable projectile positioning.

Massive mechanical membranes make unnatural urban umbrellas –  finale to fickle fans fleeing portentous precipitation perpetually.

When we wondered why wealth would be wasted thusly, the Evas responded:

“In the long run, this will help us win.  You’ll just have to trust me.”