Evas bring back a legend to Marduk

Updated: May 30, 2019

Gary Trundleburry, Shin Seiki Post

12/26/2028: Nagoya, Japan

Today the Evas continued to move on the apparent focus of the 2029 off season, the minor league system, by replacing the little-known A level Marduk Nerv’s hitting coach,  Kyuichi Meshizuka, with long time Shin Seiki stalwart Mitsunari Suzuki. The front office believes that he will not only help young players develop, but also help drive further fan interest in the Nerv. Suzuki was always a gracious fan favorite, so I think it is reasonable of Marduk fans to expect some autograph availability from the still popular Eva legend. I’d wager that was a part of the negotiation, probably with Mitsu pushing for it.

Suzuki was originally drafted by GM Kevin Vail way back in the first amateur draft he ran in 2010. Most observers would probably agree that, especially as a 7th round pick, Suzuki is perhaps the best pick in Vail’s tenure, especially from a value point of view.

While he starts off untested as a coach, Suzuki had a career that qualifies him to teach hitting. Despite a falling out late in his career due to a contract dispute (and the rise of José Luna), Suzuki piled up huge numbers in SS. He is currently the all-time Eva leader in WAR, by a wide margin over Germán Hernández (41.5 vs. 33.1) and walks over long time team mate Katsunan Hiraoka, who is currently the hitting coach in SS-A Atsumi. Suzuki is near the top all-time of the boards for too many categories to list. His hitting credential are beyond reproach.

Here’s hoping he continues the success he has had at every level to this point in his career.