Alleghenies welcome Raul ‘Bingo’Suárez

Updated: May 29, 2019

With SA hitting coach Brandon Small contract running out after 2 years, the team had to decide if it was going to renew his contract.  After his first year success, his second year wasn’t so good. There was a meeting between GM Abcarian and owner Lan-quing Li Jr. at a Bingo game to discuss who they should sign if they let Brandon go.

Sitting at a table in a bingo hall the conversation between GM Abcarian and owner Li Jr.

LI Jr.: So do you think we should bring back Brandon and if not do you have a shortlist to replace him?

GM Abcarian:  I like Brandon, he is a great guy, but we have to let him go.  He didn’t mesh well.   There are a lot of good hitting coaches available to help out S-A.

In the background, someone says, “B-9”

Li Jr:  Well I know there are good hitting coaches, but I am asking who do you think we should go for, you are the GM.

GM Abcarian: Well I like David Bailey and then there is Julien Lachance, he is good too.

In the background, someone yells,”N-41”

Li Jr.:  Those guys are ok, but they haven’t really improved in their many years of coaching.  I was hoping for more.

In the background someone says,”G-47”

Some replies “Bingo”

GM Abcarian: Yes, that’s it.

Li Jr: What’s it?

GM Abcarian: Bingo

Li Jr.: Yeah, I know it’s the game we are playing and someone just won.  Your point?

GM Abcarian: We need Bingo.

Li Jr.:  Well we didn’t get it.  It will be ok.  Is something wrong with you?

GM Abcarian: You don’t get it.  We NEED Bingo!!!

In the background someone says,’Purchase your new game cards for $5”

Li Jr: If you want to keep your job past the next 10 seconds, you better explain what’s going on in that brain of yours.

GM Abcarian: Sorry I was so excited when I heard that lady yell Bingo.  That’s who we need to sign.  Rafael ‘Bingo’ Suárez.  One of the best all time hitters in West Virginia history and a well loved figure.

Li Jr.: Well why didn’t you say that in the first place.  This is why you are the GM.  I definitely think this is a perfect hitting coach idea.

GM Abcarian: I will call him right now.

GM Abcarian dials phone number and when someone answers on the other line, GM Abcarian yells,”Bingo!!”

Bingo Announcer: Sir we haven’t started the new game you can’t have Bingo.

GM Abcarian replies: That’s what you think.