PEBA Announces League Expansion

Updated: May 4, 2019


PEBA Announces League Expansion
Updated: November 9th, 2028 – 8:05 PM

By Howard Heskin, Gnats Beat Writer and ESPN PEBA Correspondent – Twitter @HowardHeskin1

Commissioner Edward ‘Harry’ Castle announced today the expansion of PEBA from 26 teams to 28 with the return of the Charleston Statesmen and Manchester Maulers to PEBA from the World Independent League. Manchester and Charleston founding members of the World Independent League in 2024 when 8 teams departed PEBA refusing to sign on to the new PEBA media deal as a result of having contracts with local FOX Sports affiliates.

Reg Leblanc came out to introduce Castle as in what seems to now be a tradition and welcomed everyone on short notice as GMs and media alike were still taking their seats in the press-room. Castle walked out and exclaimed, “We did it! I am here to announce that PEBA is currently under agreement to expand to 28 teams with the re-joining of the Manchester Maulers and the Charleston Statesment to PEBA. I would like to introduce my old friends Arturo Bruto and Charles Pinchney to say a few words.”

Bruto took the podium first, cleared his voice and stated, “After dominating the WIL, we’ve decided that future profitability lies in re-joining PEBA,” stated Manchester owner Arturo Bruto. “At 76 years old, my focus is on the future of Manchester after I’m gone. Edward’s leadership and recent growth of PEBA makes this the right decision for our club.” Since the founding of the WIL Manchester has made the WIL playoffs 4 of 5 seasons and won the Paul Moots Cup 3 times including a 2028 Championship. With a budget of $138 Million and attendance of 3,192,773 in 2028 with an above average market size Manchester will have the ability to immediately be competitive within PEBA. Market analysists all agree that Manchester fans are very loyal to their Maulers and look forward to joining the Seaboard Division in the Imperial League against former rivals like the Arlington Bureaucrats.

Charles Pinckney then took the stage to explain his rationale and motivations for re-joining PEBA, “With the profitability of WIL sinking since we joined in 2024, we need a way to increase profitability. We should be set to gain a lot of revenue sharing money from the wealthy teams in PEBA which should help expedite our growth as a franchise. You know as they say, a rising tide raises all ships and PEBA will be that tide for Charleston,” stated Charleston owner Charles Pinckney. “At 82 years old I’m also looking to be able to leave more of a legacy behind like my friend Arturo.”

Charleston will have a more difficult time competing financially upon rejoining PEBA. With a budget of $74 Million and last year’s attendance of 1,603,046 – Charleston will be the lowest budgeted team in PEBA to start the 2029 season with and average size market and average fan loyalty.

The PEBA turn about in one short season has been nothing but incredible. It seems like only one short year ago there was talk of league contraction and now PEBA has expanded by 2 teams. What else could be on the horizon with another successful season?
Some questioned remain as to how efficiently the two teams will be integrated into PEBA, but the present agreement calls for the teams to enter in time for free agency as well as pick 9th and 10th in the Rule 5 draft. Castle would not release any more details other than, “Let that all sink in and I’ll worry about the rest.”