A lobster meal with Mr. Bruto…

Updated: May 4, 2019


Scott Plack, The Cajun Chronicles
November 8th, 2028

It is not often that I stray from the mosquitoes and humidity of Louisiana, but the off-season brought me to the all-too-familiar cool, crisp air of New Hampshire. Who was there to meet us? Well, none other than the favorite son of Manchester : Arturo Bruto.

The owner of the WIL’s Manchester Maulers is a mentor of mine. He was a giant in the publishing business back in the 70s, and even taught me one of my ‘Journalism Ethics’ classes at Emerson College back in 1987, alongside my buddy Howard Heskin, now covering the Sandgnats. Mr. Bruto was a very good orator, fascinating to listen to, and he knew what he was talking about. Even back in the late-80s, he still headed ‘Bruto Books’; one of the biggest publishing businesses in New England.

Eventually, in 2003, he sold the business and went into sports ownership as a retirement passion, founding the Manchester Maulers in 2007.

I ended up in Louisiana, and Howard ended up in Illinois. Still, Arturo would invite us to occasional dinners at his home over the years. However, I hadn’t heard from him since his defection to the WIL a few years ago. I just assumed he was over the whole PEBA thing. He seemed really keen on this whole WIL deal.

Anyway, last week, I get a voicemail from Arturo that he wants me, Howard, and our two GM’s to come up to his place for a visit! I’m not about to let Arturo down, so all four of us head up to his elegant cabin on the Merrimack River.

“I have to say, you sure know when to make your invite!” said Trendies GM Reg LeBlanc. Noting that, as this was November, this was the local winter lobster fishing season. Only the best lobsters would be available. He is from these parts, after all.

Once the meal was done, he brought us to his wine cellar, where he had a few dozen bottles of his latest creation stored : ‘AB Port Wine’. If anyone knew wine, it was Howard and RJ. As we all indulged in a glass, conversation turned to subjects I can’t quite write here.

The evening progressed with great stories of times passed, and eventually all of us headed to Camden, New Jersey the next day, as we were told this was a ‘very big day’, and so I assume we won’t be disappointed. Mr. Bruto is never one to miss a chance to be in the papers, after all. More news to come…