Underground and Under New Management

Updated: March 6, 2019

July 10th, 2028 – submitted by Bill Mickleson for the London Times 

The Underground announced the hiring of a new General Manager today. Cyan Winters was introduced on a grey, brisk day in London in front of a small gathering of local and national media, as well as whatever team staff was available at the time. The hiring of Winters is viewed as a surprise by fans and media alike, as the relatively young former tech-entrepreneur has no previous baseball experience to his name. His previous role was that of General Manager for a successful North American hockey franchise, but he maintains that he has always been a passionate fan of the game and has worked closely with baseball executives previously.  

Winters expressed that while he knows fans will be concerned by his lack of baseball experience and will rightly question the decision to bring him on board, he stressed that he knows first-hand how to win and has demonstrated a passion for nothing less than the best out of his team’s for his entire tenure as a General Manager. While he admitted that he would need to leverage his excellent staff and hit the books, he stressed that he was passionate about the league and the team and would immediately begin plotting a course for the team. His press conference did not mention any specific details of what his plans are for the team, he made it clear that he would be overseeing a holistic review of every position and every player within the organization and expects to be very busy in what remains of this season.

“Within my first week on the job I believe you will see a lot of changes being made” he stated. “I have begun to meet with all of my personnel at all levels, from Summer A ball to the PEBA itself. I’ve let them know that changes will be made and that I plan to turn this franchise around.” When pressed for clarification on what these changes might be, Winters refused to get into specifics, but did mention that at this time nothing was off the table.

Though inexperienced, Winters has promised one thing loud and clear: stability. “This team and the fans have certainly has struggled over the past few years, thanks in large part to a tumultuous period of ownership and general manager changes. I do not intend for my time here to be short. I intend to be a part of this franchise for years to come and am excited to embark upon this new journey with you all.” Whether or not the young general manager sticks to his word or not will remain to be seen.

Readers of the Times took to social media today to express their opinion of the hiring. While we cannot print most of what we saw, it is fair to say the fans concerns are broad and, at times, uncomfortably specific. Certainly no one will mistake this fan base as being anything less than passionate about their team, even during tough times. Several apparent hockey fans chimed in with their support, but were generally politely shouted down. We plan to have Mr. Winters in for an extensive sit down interview in the coming weeks once he has settled in to his London office.