Gnats Staff Takes the Day Off for Vegas Draft Party

Updated: February 19, 2019


Gnats Staff Takes the Day Off for Vegas Draft Party
Updated: June 8, 2028 – 3:05AM CDT

By Howard Heskin, Staff Writer – Twitter @HowardHeskin1

As Gnats fans are well aware, all of this years draft picks were traded away to avoid financial disaster. But with fan interest at an all time high – no seats from Chicago to Vegas could be found as Gnats fans reportedly were headed in mass for PEBA draft day pool parties in Las Vegas. One such famous event is Florida F-Heads Owner Drew Streets Legendary Party at his historic Mandalay Bay Casino Resort.


Our reporting crew was invited to the Drew Streets private party with VIP access by F-Heads GM Ken Hannahs since we didn’t have much to write about with zero Crystal Lake picks this season. The Dole Family and Streets family go back generations and never hesitate at the chance for a cross brand promotion. The highlight of these parties is Streets’ french themed pool parties. with drink options include brands like Carte Noir coffee, Crémant sparkling wine, Kronenbourg beer and Chocolat Poulain. The party reaches its dénouement when the sun starts to set and Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” closes the day. Streets often can be seen walking around with his designer beer helmet filled with Kronenbourg before jumping into his private pool above the recently re-modeled property that he calls home.


Rumor is that next year at 15 properties across the nationwide Streets Casino empire, the company will break out 16,000 F-Heads shirts and hats, PEBA wall decor and ice sculptures (sponsored by Dole Ice), wristbands, cookies and all sorts of gear featuring the Featherheads logos and other local teams where Streets properties are located.

Go to the Streets website and you’ll see the PEBA shield standing out like the Fearsome Foursome. The website even calls Streets “the original G.O.A.T.,” as in Greatest of All Time, a title usually applied to Fargo’s star player Rob Raines. The company has also busted out a #LIKEASTREETS hashtag.

For the up-coming Rodriquez Cup this season, Streets Palace and The Historic Linq Hotel are expected to have the biggest Las Vegas PEBA Championship parties that will last the entire series and not end until out 3, of inning 9, of the final game. Who’s rooting for a 7 game series party lasting over a week long?! Across the country, Streets will offer a customized PEBA/Streets Reward Card and will hold drawings for tickets to next year’s All-Star Game.

A combination of things led to the change in attitude of acceptance of the mix of gambling and sports over the past couple of decades. The expansion of casino gaming nationwide, the explosive popularity of PEBA-backed fantasy baseball games, the tenacity of Southern Nevada leaders like Streets to enter the team ownership arena and the boldness of a maverick team like the F-heads to be the first to explore cross-marketing with Las Vegas. Now common place are PEBA related parties in Vegas like these.

Streets’ party started Friday night and lasted all day through Sunday when the draft was completed. The highlight of the yearly draft party is the holographic performance of long-deceased electronic music star Avicii playing Streets’ favorite song “Levels” and ends with Streets dropping one million dollars of hundreds at the Mandalay Bay pool located below his residence with thousands still gathered for the party.

By the way, Gnats face off, away, against the Windancers (in an hour) at 4:05am Central Time.