Sandgnats Purchased by Charles “Chuck” Dole IV

Updated: January 1, 2019


Sandgnats Purchased by Charles “Chuck” Dole IV
Updated: February 25, 2028 – 11:30PM CDT

By Howard Heskin, Staff Writer – Twitter @HowardHeskin1

As the slow thaw comes to northern Illinois, reborn is the Dole Family traditional ownership of the Crystal Lake Sandgnats with the recent purchase of the team by Charles “Chuck” Dole IV, nephew of former owner Sydney Dole. The untimely passing of former owner Sydney Dole late last year caused an uproar in the Crystal Lake community during the reading of his will, when he specifically excluded all of his children from inheriting any of the Dole fortune placing ownership of the Sandgnats up for an estate sale. “He that shall not be named” purchased the Gnats at auction for an undisclosed sum.

Chuck Dole great-great-grandson of the legendary Charles Dole (an early member of the Chicago Board of Trade, a grain merchant and founder of Crystal Lake, IL), decided to move back to Crystal Lake from Las Vegas where he has been running a Whiskey business derived from Mid-West grains and distilled in Tennessee. “I’m good friends with Florida owner Drew Streets from Vegas, he convinced me of a great business opportunity. Plus, ‘Even a broken clock is right twice a day,’ so how hard could this be!”

Chuck also announced the re-hiring of GM RJ Ermola. “Uncle Sydney trusted RJ unconditionally after they won it all in 2024. Plus with the dire financial situation, I’m think we might need to steady the ship again.” Crystal Lake recently announced a cash infusion of $5,000.00 from a community participation Go-Fund Me page started by pitcher To-wai Zhou to bring back legendary mascot “Gnate”


With the return of “Gnate” and “Gnic at night dollar dog Tuesdays”, here’s to a great 2028 season!