Evil Empire Falls in 7 (Finally)

Updated: February 27, 2018


Evas falls in 7

Tricia Takanawa
October 22nd, 2026

Today marked the end of a hard-fought series with the Shin Seiki (Evil Empire). Shin Seiki outplayed Duluth Warriors throughout the season winning 75% of the time. This was not a good scenario going into the playoffs. Duluth General Manager Mark Kierstead was asked his thoughts before the series started and this is what he had said.

[i]Kevin (Evas GM) builds great teams as always have since the old LRS days. He takes the best talent he can at a young age and builds them up into a superstar. If he sees the ceiling is small on a player he will trade them off. That is how he builds his teams up. This will be a hell of a test for our players and our pitcher are some of the best and our hitters are on a hot streak. [/i]

Duluth would take the series due to hard work and big bats. During the season Evas held Duluth to .220 batting, 27 RBIs, 5HRs, our pitching against Evas was a horrible 4.07 ERA bullpen and starters combined. However during the Divisional things were quite different .362 batting, 29 RBIs, 11HRs, and our Pitching combined was 4.80 ERA. So as you can see the batting was what won it for Duluth as the pitching still struggled against the big bats of Shin Seiki.

Next up we have Aurora who Duluth had a great time playing this season as we came out on tp a majority of the time.

* Fun Fact #1 Guillermo Justavo was MVP of the series batting .313, 3HR, 6RBIs

* Fun Fact #2 Game 6 and 7 were won with Homeruns to end the game