2026 Ky set to unveil expanded seating, and other news

Updated: October 13, 2017

by Rusty Knobs, Racing Reporter
April 1, 2026

The Kentucky Thoroughbreds are happy to announce the promotion of AA Manager Paul Conner to the position of Manager of your PEBA Kentucky Thoroughbreds. Paul has been with us since 2020 as manager of AA Parma/Bowling Green, making the playoffs four times including leading Bowling Green to a AA championship in 2024. His overall record is 452-388 with a .538 win percentage. Paul has two years left on his latest contract, and the added benefit of having most of the current Thoroughbreds on his AA teams.

41 year old Conner replaces the retired 67 year old Bob Arnold who managed the Thoroughbreds for only three seasons, making the playoffs in each. Bob was not well liked by his players which led to his decision to retire early with two years remaining on his contract. Bob’s record in his three seasons is a combined 280-206 with a .576 win percentage.

There are rumors that there was some behind closed doors meetings and Bob was asked or forced to retire. David ‘Cheese’ Chesney referenced a situation in one of his in-season blog entries. “The feud between Domingo Rodriguez and then manager Bob Arnold continues, now with the owner and GM Rudis getting involved. Why I know these things I can’t tell, but I assure you that these are not rumors. The owner likes Domingo and wants the GM to extend his contract. The GM is already in hot water with scouting director Mike Sparks over some previous situations. Should Rudis and Arnold go toe-to-toe over Domingo??? I know what I would do but I have a couple more years on my contract here so I am not saying at this time. Ya we got us a pickle here in Kentucky.” The end result is that all three parties are no longer with the organization – Arnold retired, Domingo was let go into free agency, and Sparks has left to try his fortunes elsewhere. Coincidence??? I don’t think so.

In other news, the home of your Kentucky Thoroughbreds has expanded its seating capacity to the PEBA max of 65,000. One of the goals owner Héctor Shatner has given GM Rudis has been to achieve an average attendance of 55,000. For the past several years with only 55,000 seats available it seemed to be an un-attainable target. Now with 65,000 available the GM is in his own hot-seat to reach the goal.