Time to care

Updated: October 6, 2017

He closed the door of his new office quietly, sank into the plush swivel chair, and closed his eyes. He didn’t need to see the office, once you have seen one GM’s office you’ve seen the lot. Different colours, varying amounts of trophies and different pictures but they were all basically the same. All GM’s sweated, agonised, celebrated, cried there while hiring and firing the ever-changing cast.

Looking at the aging cast here there would need to be a lot of hiring & firing, he had never liked 37-year-olds on the field. Plenty of people living a fading dream here just because there had been no TLC in recent years. No-one to tell it like it was and do what was necessary. It had become like a bachelor’s fridge, lots of things hanging around past their sell-by date. The cleaner would have to now come in and dish out the home truths, clean up the mess and take out the trash.

The cleaner was here, he had been to Kuwana, London, Marseille, San Juan and Duluth. He had even sat in the Commissioner’s chair in the PEBA offices. Now it was time to sort Kalamazoo.

“The cleaner was in his office and he had the Badgers in his sights”