Codgers Make Managerial Change for 2026

Updated: September 8, 2017

By Scott Vosper, Palm Springs Semaphore
January 4, 2026

There’s a new sheriff in town here in Palm Springs.

New Palm Springs manager John McLaughlin, featured wearing Codgers’ “Olde Timey Hatte Daye” throwback style cap

The Codgers, Palm Springs’ long-time franchise in the Planetary Extreme Baseball Alliance, have hired veteran manager John McLaughlin to lead the club next season.  The hiring, which took place on December 10 of last year, was formally announced in a press conference today.

“We’re just super darned excited to have him here running the show,” enthused Palm Springs General Manager Denny Hills.  “We’ve had our eye on him for a long time, that, uh….guy we hired.  Yessir, Ol’ Whats-his-face here was at the top of our list.”

For the past three seasons McLaughlin has managed the Niihama-shi Ghosts of the rival World Independent League, where he was named Manager of the Year in 2025 after leading the Ghosts to a first-place finish.  His contract with Palm Springs runs through 2030 and will pay him $514,000 annually.

Former manager Alfred Waters

McLaughlin replaces Alfred Waters, whose Codgers contract was not renewed after the season, despite having led Palm Springs to the playoffs in 2024 for the first time in over a decade.  He compiled a win-loss record of 170-154 in his two years managing the club after being elevated from pitching coach to the top spot.

“Boy, funny, funny story on that one,” chuckled GM Hills.  “Apparently you have to do something called a ‘contract extension’ so people will keep working for you!”  He guffawed, wiping tears from his eyes.  “Isn’t that crazy?  Hoo, yeah, I had never heard of it either.”

After composing himself the GM went on.  “So, Alfred’s contract expired and he left the team,” Hills continued.  “Then when we tried to hire him back later he was mad and said he had no desire to work for us.  Jeez, man, lighten up!  Am I right?” Hills looked expectantly into the crowd, which remained stonily silent.

“Turns out this kind of thing happens a lot,” the GM continued.  “Apparently we were supposed to do this extension thing with our hitting coach, too.  He went and got another job with some garbage team in the IL,” he scowled.  “So we still have, an, um, opening in that spot, if, uh, any of you out there knows anybody and wanted to just, uh, let me know, that’d be great.”

“Anyway, screw those guys,” Hills scowled.  “We’re looking to the future here, withhhhhhh….this guy!” he exclaimed, pointing at McLaughlin with two finger guns.

“You know, I don’t mind if no one knows my name,” said McLaughlin, with a meaningful glance at his new GM.  “I believe in sabermetrics, and I’d like to think I have carved out a good reputation, but I prefer to just work hard and stay under the radar.”

Time will tell if that is enough in a place like Palm Springs.