No More Nash?

Updated: July 8, 2017

Scott Plack, The Cajun Chronicles
September 22nd, 2025

When you think of New Orleans baseball, you think of a hopeless baseball team with a talented, polished, polite outfielder, trying to right the ship: Dave Nash.

He was a ‘can’t miss’ prospect who hit .372 in college ball and was picked by the Trendsetters as the #4 overall pick in the 2016 draft. When he came in, he was young, he was good, and he was humble. On top of that, he really wanted the Trendsetters to return to glory, and gave his heart and soul to the cause. More than any other, Nash connected with the fans. Despite his immense talent, he was accessible; he stayed at the ballpark until the early hours of the morning to sign autographs, and was always available for a fundraiser around town.

For a time during the lean years, Nash WAS baseball in New Orleans. Who else would have a whole cheering section comprised of young, enthusiastic softballers!

…and for a good number of years, they were lean years.

Despite the efforts of both GM’s Paul Tanner and Reg LeBlanc over the last decade, the team has simply not risen to the level that was expected… certainly the level required for Nash to stay after his current contract. Given that the team is bound to finish behind not only powerhouses Kentucky and Florida, but also rebuilders San Antonio again this year, keeping the star would be a tough (and perhaps even impossible) sell.

There is still time left, but there is the counter-argument that statistics and analytics should eventually overtake human emotion and realize that Nash is in a mild decline as he hits his 30s : hitting .300 again might be more of a pipe dream than an expectation, at this point. The contact hitter is currently at a .279 clip… a very respectable average on a normal day but his worst average since his PEBA debut a decade ago. Despite this, his enthusiasm and commitment to the team has not waned, even during contract talks, but signing him to a long-term, big money contract might be tough to validate, if any sort of recent statistic is used as a reference.

Who will take on the mantle as star for the Trendsetters? Could pitching finally break through and become the town’s ticket to good baseball? Could they finally shed their image as a team full of Godzilla-like sluggers?

Rocking the rotation is Shirai (leading in team ERA) and Turner (leading in team K’s), while draft picks Martinez and Higgins are lighting up the relief positions.

Despite all of this, Nash as kept a .349 average during the month of September; giving the town perhaps one last look at what he can do.

We don’t know what the “post-Nash effect” will be yet, and perhaps someone will fill his shoes. But, it is certainly a tough week to be a Trendsetters fan.