Alleghenies Draft

Updated: May 9, 2017


Here is a review of the 2025 Alleghenies draft.  The team came into the draft with 3 first round picks and a pick in every round after. A lot of the Allegheny fans were hoping for an instant infusion of talent in the system, while critics said they needed to get younger in SS-A.  Let’s see if the fans got what they wanted or if the critics were right.


(1-6)  SP Jack Mundy  graduated from Ciefuegos. The team had him ranked 5 overall so they were very excited to get him. With his array of pitches the team thinks all he needs to work on is his control and he can easily be a #2 starter in the future. He might be a little difficult to sign, but the team will most likely give him what he wants.  The team projects him to start out in Single-A and if he shows he can handle that he might get a start or 2 in AA.

(1-24)RF Javier Drake graduated from High School. The team had him at #6 on their board and when he was there are 24 they had to take him. While his results might not be there, he has the tools to be an on-base machine with speed. The team knows the reason he fell was due to his demands and if he doesn’t take less than what he is asking, it will be college for him.  The team will insert him into starting lineup in SS-A if he signs, but that is a big IF.

(1-31) 3b Ramón Martínez was chosen. There is a lot of differing on if he is any good among scouts and the team has been rumored not wanting to sign him. The 2 players they had wanted for this pick went right before it and then in a panic mode they chose Ramón.   If he signs he will start out in SS-A.

(2-20) SP Joe Russell graduated from South Florida and the Alleghenies couldn’t pass him up. There were reports of the team wanting to pick a batter instead of a pitcher in the second round, but when Russell was still on the board the team picked him.  The team has told him if he signs he will most likely start in Single-A.

(3-8) C Francisco Casillán graduated from Villanova. The team passing up on the catcher they wanted in the 2nd round decided that Casillán was the way to go. While his overall hitting stats aren’t the greatest, his ability behind the plate, plus his coachability makes him worth the gamble.  He will platoon right away in SS-A.

(4-23) SP Ricardo López graduated High School. Ricardo is another player when he came up the team decided it was a high risk/high reward pick. They know he is only 18, but if he can realize his potential and harness it, the team will have found themselves a decent #3 starter in the future for a minimal price.  If López signs he will be in SS-A, but probably not pitch much this year.

(5-23) SS Dave Dundee graduated High School. Dundee is a player that hasn’t learned to hit the ball yet, but if and when he does, he will be a threat on the bases. He also has a very good understanding of playing SS for a 18 year old.  While very raw, the team won’t need him for many years, so he has time to learn the game by platooning in SS-A for next 2 or 3 years.

(5-27) LF Javier Trujillo leaves after 3 years UAB. Javier is a player who the team thinks if he develops right can become a 4/5th OF. He has speed and some potential to hit the ball, but he also is a candidate for a 1 year and done in PEBAverse.  He will be a starter in SS-A and the team will not probably give him much wiggle room to do poorly.

(6-23) RP Bill Rice graduated High School. Rice is one of those guys who if he hones his skills can become a top of the line Middle reliever in the future. The question is whether he will put the time in to do it.  Rice will be in SS-a for the next few years and he might not even pitch this year.

(7-23) 3b Pepe León graduated from Louisville – Pepe was chosen with the thought of maybe not signing Martínez earlier. The team’s scout likes Pepe more than other scouting agencies, so this might be a good gauge on were our scouting currently is.  Pepe will be starting in SS-A as long as Mark Osborn doesn’t sign.

(8-23) 3b Mark Osborn graduated High School. Mark was drafted knowing pretty much that he won’t be signed. The team would really like to sign him, but he has decided he wants to go to college. It is rumored the team is going to see what happens with Drake before offering Mark a contract.  He will be given the starting job in SS-A with all the leniency he needs, but as stated earlier he won’t be signing.

(9-23) RP Travis Blankenship just graduated from St John’s. Travis best year came as a Sophomore with a 1.62 ERA. For some reason he only got in 4 games as a Junior and as a Senior he got into 4 games before getting hurt. The team thinks he might turn into a decent rp in the future and were pleased to get him in round 9.  Travis will be in SS-A next year as this year he is out for most of the season if not all of it.

(10-23) RP Tokaji Yamamoto graduated from Delft. Tokaji was another pleasant surprise for a 10th rounder. While his ERA went up his Senior year, the team thinks it may have been due to his throwing harder, but less accurate. Something the pitching staff in S-A thinks they can fix.  He will step in as closer in SS-A as the team wants to seer what he is made of.

(11-23) RP Denny Meeks graduated from High School.- Denny will be in the minors and is a player that probably would have benefited going to college. He has potential, but the problem is he is so raw, he might not get that in any minor league system.  He may be one of the first cuts in the system, but he will start in SS-A.

(12-23) LF Mark Cochrane graduated from University of Tokyo. Mark is a player who does a lot of things at the plate and in LF adequately, but nothing really good. He will definitely get a chance this year to prove his worth and if he can produce better numbers than he did in college he has a chance to stick. If not, well he can always fall back on his degree.  Mark will be backing up in OF in SS-A and maybe even doing some DH’ing.

(13-23) 1b Oliver Mercado graduated from Minnesota. The team almost picked Oliver in the 7th round, but decided not to. When they saw his name still on the board in the 13th round he was an easy choice. Now this isn’t saying he is going to turn out to be great, but the team likes his hitting potential and with his work ethic and clubhouse leadership, the team figured why not.  Oliver will be platooning at 1b in SS-A.  If he does well he may even get promoted to Single-A.

(14-23) 1b Paul Underwood left Purdue after 2 years. Having a glut of 1B lower prospects the team decided to take a stab at drafting Paul. Well that was a mistake. Why? Well Paul wants $2.8 to sign. So back to college Paul goes, but the team thinks it is best for him.  SS-A on the bench, but he won’t be signed.

(15-23) RP Al Franklin graduated from Cambridge. Yep, I bet you thought Al Franken. That is the only reason we drafted him. While he looked decent in college his only year, it is a mystery why he only pitched his Junior year. The team decided you couldn’t really go wrong with a 15th round pick, so this is it.  Will be in SS-A, but like Meeks, not sure for how long.
Did the fans get what they wanted? Probably not and if Drake doesn’t sign, then the team most likely have 3 first round picks again next year. So then were the critics right?  Well they were more right than wrong, but at points when the team could have gone younger, they went for the more present talent.  So while the team did take a lot of older players they also took plenty of players with a high risk/reward than they have in the past. Another thing different about this draft is that the team will most likely keep their picks, unlike in the past when most picks after round 9 have been cut by the Alleghenies.