Updated: March 16, 2017

Alejándro is a typical 12 year old Cuban boy. The infinite energy of youth propels him into the nearest hard scrabble game of stickball where his team often prevails. When the sun steals away behind rain clouds he spends his time firmly planted on the dining room floor amidst a sprawl of books of Greek and Roman architecture. When he grows up he would be satisfied to be an architect if his plans to become a baseball player don’t work out. He’s a realist after all.

One of his dreams that has yet to be satisfied is to see his beloved Havana Leones play. A trip to the nearby stadium, Campos Peloteros, has not been something his family has been able to schedule. Alejándro’s family is not poor. It isn’t wealth that has prevented the fruition of his dream.  Nor is it time, desire or any of the things that one might think. It is simply that there haven’t been any seats available.

The club is very popular locally and even though the stadium seats 45,000 fans it simply cannot meet the demand. The club has made a point of keeping ticket prices low so that all might attend. Affordability has come with a cost.

To address the issue the club has announced and begun, an immediate renovation to Campos Peloteros adding an additional 10,000 seats to bring available seating to 55,000. Just for fans like Alejándro.

Alejándro’s design idea won a contest the club sponsored for the new seating sections. Atop every section will be a vendor area with open seating. The floors of those areas will feature hand laid mosaic tiling depicting famous moments in Cuban baseball history. Additionally Alejándro’s family has been awarded free season tickets for the 2025 season and he’ll get to throw out the Opening Day pitch.

Alejándro’s been working on his curveball. He knows if he can master it he’ll have a shot at impressing the club on Opening Day, even if he won’t get to pitch the game. He’s a realist after all.