New Coqui GM Greats the Press

Updated: November 18, 2016

New Coqui general manager Mike Best began his inaugural press conference with a joke and an appreciation for the city.

“First off, let me say it’s an honor to be the new general manager in lovely San Juan. It will be a constant effort to resist the surf temptations here and stay focused,” he said with a chuckle.

He also acknowledged the stability difficulties the team has undergone recently.

“After years of futility, this is now a competitive team. I understand that just as that has happened there has been a franchise move and some front office shakeup. I want to assure fans the team is in good hands,” he said.

Best was rumored to have another GM offer which he passed on in order to take over the Coquis. When asked why, he said the main reason was that he liked the organization’s personnel.

“The minor leagues here have had a good history of winning lately and that’s a tribute to the fine coaches in place. I’m a firm believer in the team character that comes from having players be on winning teams.”

When asked what changes he plans, Best acknowledged it wasn’t ideal to take over at the trade deadline.

“That’s particularly true with an imbalance on the roster,” he explained. “While we are loaded with pitching, we do need some offense. But it does give us time to evaluate the personnel.”