World Independent League to name championship trophy “Paul Moots Cup”

Updated: August 17, 2016


By: Evan Waltham – World Sports Media

January 8th, 2024

In a press conference yesterday, World Independent League officials announced the name of their newly-minted baseball trophy, and it is one with special meaning in the professional baseball world: the “Paul Moots Cup”.

Paul Moots was the General Manager of the Gloucester Fishermen in PEBA between 2014 and 2018 (the predecessor to the current Marseille Fishermen). An extremely kind and compassionate man to complement his excellent baseball knowledge, he was well-liked in the pro baseball world with his quick wit and ever-present smile. The smile became particularly contagious in 2015 when his Fishermen went on a playoff run for the first time in seven years. They defeated Arlington in the first round, and then upset the powerful Charleston Statesmen in six games. The team went all the way to the PEBA championship finals, defeating Omaha in five games to become champion.

Unfortunately, during the 2018 season, Paul was struck with an undisclosed illness. Despite this, he continued to soldier on with his GM duties until the very end, but sadly passed away before the season was able to conclude. A very beloved person and baseball GM had left us. In his memory, Gloucester renamed their home field “Paul Moots Stadium” in a ceremony shortly afterwards.

“Paul made a lasting impression on the PEBA with his charm and good nature.” said former PEBA Commissioner John Rodriguez. “To say that he was a gentleman and a kind soul is to understate his memory. I considered him a good friend and was devastated by news of his passage. To this day, Paul and his family remain in our thoughts and prayers. I can think of no finer commemoration than this trophy. World Independent League will spend many years striving for the Paul Moots Cup, and we’ll all keep on striving to meet the standard of Paul himself.”

The World Independent League is proud to have a chance to remember Paul. May the baseball gods smile upon him.

Note: outside the PEBA-verse, Paul Moots was an actual PEBA GM with Gloucester. He was a big baseball fan, and a pastoral director for his local church in Mount Sterling, Ohio. He joined PEBA in 2011, but unfortunately passed away in June 2013. The trophy is dedicated to his memory.