In the shadow of the Castle

Updated: August 10, 2016



“What a God awful place” said one of the two men trudging through the driving torrential rain with their hands deep in their pockets. The big Castle dominated the skyline but they didn’t spare it a glance as they made their way up the long wide street. Despite the two men’s discomfort the locals seemed not to notice the weather as they went about their business and much of their business seemed to involve one of the many noisy welcoming taverns that seemed to be everywhere.

The two men finally gave up and disappeared into one of the pubs themselves. The noise inside never abated, never flinched as they pushed dripping through the packed throng. Ordering their drinks they finally found a corner with a little bit of space. The two men, who had once been office staff of the Japanese team Fushigi Yugi, sat sipping their Whiskey contemplating their surroundings. “It was bad enough when the team made us go to Dayton but this is a thousand times worse” said one as the pool of dripped water enlarged around their feet. The other shook some more water from his hair and said “I cannot see how the men can wear skirts in this abysmal weather although it might be to do with these bars? Everyone of them appears to be on some sort of all day Nomihodai. Even in the maddest Tokyo bars I have never seen the drink consumed like this. A man in a skirt pushed past emptying his glass with one swig and shouting back to his mates in a loud slur “ Wad’ya like laddies? Am no hangin’ aboot, I need to get blootered ! Stop scratching ya bawbags and shoout up ya bevvys.”

The two men starred at him, they were here to prepare the way for the team, to get the knowledge to advise the players in their needs but they had been told that English was the language. Now they weren’t so sure. They weren’t now looking forward to their life here. They wordlessly looked at each other and silently concluded that they had to get back to their task. The Fushigi Yogi were on the move again, from Dayton to Edinburgh. They stood up, both wishing the Yogi would move again soon and headed out through the door into the freezing torrential rain again.

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