West Virginia Rule 5 Draft

Updated: February 15, 2016

Well the Alleghenies decided this winter to draft 2 Rule 5 guys for the middle of the infield.  The idea was to get a great defensive SS and a good hitting 2b.  Well the team got lucky and got both guys that they had wanted, Bob Stumberg and Gilbert York.  With the team trying to invest money into development and scouting this year, they figured cheap young replacements like these two would be beneficial in the long run.    The Alleghenies management was also expecting to lose 1 or 2 guys, but did not lose anyone to their delight.

First we will address Bob Stumberg.  It was most likely a surprise that he got picked, but GM Abcarian was hoping to get a great defensive SS and Bob has proven to be that.  His major problem is when he is batting.  He neither takes walks nor does he make much contact with the ball and when he does it is feebly.  The Alleghenies figured that they could work on him at the plate if he could field the ball for them.  Unfortunately for both parties he did not improve at the plate and this Spring Training he has been overmatched in every way imaginable at the plate.  While the team was sure he would make it when being picked, it is rumored that they are leaning towards sending him back.

Next let’s review Gilbert York.  He was picked to help PR off the bench and also get some PA’s by PH.  York has always hit the ball wherever he played and his defense is above average for a 2b, so the team had high hopes for him to be the 2nd or 3rd guy off the bench for them.  Unlike Stumberg, York hit the ball from the beginning to the end of camp.  He hit so well and Derrick Dwyer played so poorly, not only did he make the Alleghenies; he will be their starting 2b.  While York may not be ready yet to start, the team wanted Dwyer to get off to a good start, so they are going to let him get 2 weeks in AAA and have York start in the PEBA.