Fargo Dinosaurs Expanding Seating at Jurassic Park

Updated: February 4, 2016

The Fargo Dinosaurs’ front office has released a statement today that construction has been underway this offseason to Jurassic Park, specifically that 5,000 new seats will be added to the 16 year old facility, bringing total capacity up to 40,000. The news is somewhat surprising to hear considering the organization is coming off of its worst season, with a 63-99 record, since the horrible 2007 inaugural season’s 54-108 record. Some fans might wonder if the money would have been better spent on improving the product on the field rather than in the stands. When asked for comment, team officials stated that funding of the renovations are drawn completely from private fundraising and that its accumulation has been an almost decade long process, which potentially explains some of the incongruence between the team’s recent performance and the timing of this expansion. Team officials were quick to say that renovation budget had no impact on the organizations player and personal dollars to spend year over year during the time taken raising the funds, and fans can rest assured that the team is committed to putting a “winner” together again in Fargo. The latter will remain to be seen, but in the meantime fans will have some extra room to spread out this summer at the park.

The Fargo Dinosaurs general manager, Cristian Shofar, described the improvements to seating at the park. From the sounds of it, the bulk of the new seats will be added in center and left fields while a portion of the new seats will also crop up in the upper deck behind home plate and down the first and third base lines for a few sections. Shofar also stated that fan comfort and access to concessions were taken into account deciding where to add the new seats. Some new concession areas will appear as well in left and center to further accommodate the increased fan presence in those areas, including some local city of Fargo favorites such as Rhombus Guys Pizza, Babb’s Coffee, and Sweeto Burrito. This looks as though the organization is reaching out to young adult population to perhaps fill some of the new seating and perhaps this is a hint and future developments in store at the park in an effort to improve fan experience. Of course winning more games than you lose would ultimately bring in the fans and improve fan experience. When asked if the construction will be fully completed by opening day which is coming up around the corner, Shofar said, “Without a doubt, Jurassic Park will ready to go and so will Fargo Dinosaurs”.