Alleghenies bid farewell to Chris Renfroe?

Updated: December 30, 2015

In 2012 the West Virginia Alleghenies decided to acquire a young pitcher in a deal with the Florida Featherheads named Chris Renfroe.  Well now with the 2022 season just finishing up management has said that this is the end of Renfroe’s tenure of being on the team.  His contract is up and after having a blazing hot August, he was twice as awful in September which pretty much showed the team what they had to do.  Making matters worse for Renfroe is that the team just signed Herb “Buttah” Martin to a contract for the next couple of seasons.   The fans are sure to show their displeasure if he goes, but that will not have any influence on him coming back.

After being acquired in 2012, Renfroe finally made his spot on the Alleghenies permanent in 2015.  While he didn’t show much in 2014 or 2015 the team gave him a chance to start in 2016.  Over the next two seasons he made 106 appearances with 30 starts and registering an ERA under 4.00 in each of the years.  Over the next five years, Renfroe’s role kept changing, but his results were consistently mediocre.  In only one year (2021) did he actually have a decent year, but for some reason the team kept him around and paid him decently.   In 2022 the team had hoped that in his contract year that he’d have a great year, and it looked like in August that he was bound to do it, but with a 10.80 ERA in September showed the team the exact opposite.

So was Renfroe’s bad year caused by no pitching coach in the MLB until the end of the year?  Was it caused by the decline in his skills?  How about the fact that he threw 41 more innings this year than any other year?  Or was it the lack of defense behind him?  Well the answer is probably a little bit of everything combined, but whatever the reasons were, the ownership and the fans will always wish Chris Renfroe well and maybe in the future there will be a staff position for him.