Ready For Prime Time

Updated: November 22, 2015

Meeks on fire at Triple-A

He was drafted in the first round (19th overall) in the 2020 PEBA Amateur Draft. He played four very successful seasons at the college level with the Louisville High Fives. He made his professional baseball debut with the Single-A Escondido Stone Brews and now he is making a strong case for a promotion to the big leagues. In 76 games this season with Triple-A Glendale Skyelanders, outfielder Roy Meeks is hitting .302 / .412 / .448, despite missing a month with shoulder pain.

Meeks, who had a stellar June before the injury, credits his play to a clear mind and hard work. “I’m just trying to be consistent,” he said. “I’m making sure I do whatever I can to be consistent day in and day out, and that’s from the time I wake up to the time I’m leaving the field—keeping that consistent mindset, that positive attitude, not afraid to fail but understanding at the same time failure is a possibility.”

Meeks has also received high praise for his work ethic from nearly every member of the Reno coaching staff. “I think that’s kind of what’s unique about this game and this business is the fact that every single day you’re reminded, hey, I have to get better because not only do I have to help the team win, but I have to be better than the guy next to me. Whenever the Reno front office calls down and looking for someone to fill that spot, I want my name to be the one that’s going to be called. It’s just a constant reminder that my job here isn’t done, and even once I succeed that goal of making it to the big leagues, still my job isn’t done—because there’s going to be guys in the minor leagues coming for my job as well. I definitely think that focus of trying to get better every single day has been a big part of my recent success lately.”

Glendale Skyelanders skipper Juan Solarzano is a big fan of this strategy, and he hopes this is something that not only Meeks, but also every player in the organization uses to turn up their efforts.

Watching Meeks play at Triple-A, you can’t help but notice that he would almost certainly be playing in a Zephyrs uniform if there was a spot on the roster for him. Unfortunately, for guys like Meeks, it is a numbers game. Reno has Frank Murphy, Richard Reynolds and Reggie Myers manning all three outfield spots – all of which are signed for next season and expected to make a combined 23 million dollars in 2023.

With the Zephyrs in an obvious rebuilding phase, it seems likely that one of the older players currently holding down a big league outfield spot will be traded and Meeks will get his chance at some point next season. Worst case scenario would be the front office gives Frank Murphy his outright release somewhere around mid season and Meeks comes up to take his roster spot.

Whether, it is due to a trade, an injury or some other reason – you can be certain that if Meeks keeps hitting, he will be in a big league uniform at some point next season.