The Next and Last ….

Updated: July 16, 2015

November 19th, 2021


Before I could answer his question he continued on “I find it very funny though that I haven’t heard any protests about my relocation plans? I had you pegged as one of the PEBA’s traditionalist GM’s?”

You probably could say I am, I’m a great supporter of the PEBA because of the stability of the league. A steady hand on the tiller and a steadfast group of owners that don’t sell or move the franchises willy nilly is what it’s known for.”

“So is this the start of an impassioned plea as to why I shouldn’t skip town?” He interjected

Not at all” I looked him squarely in the eyes as I continued “First and foremost I am a European. I am indebted to Commissioner Rodriguez for allowing me to take charge of London, not many move from the LRS, but he was very rigid in his maintaining of the history & traditions. We had many debates about my wishes that the PEBA should expand further into Europe but his answer was always firmly that the PEBA didn’t do change. It frustrated the hell out of me but I could respect him for his vision and ambition for the league. That didn’t change much when Commissioner Higgins took over but the fall of the LRS broke that open. The world of the PEBA had to change and Europe gained a second franchise as the former LRS teams opened new markets for the PEBA. Europe also gained recognition of it’s top Colleges & High Schools as they were admitted into the league’s feeder network. Now if Higgins has given you carte blanche to move wherever you feel, as a European I feel it would be my duty to steer you towards expanding the European footprint of the league. The market over there is ripe for it and with London & Amsterdam producing such a thrilling title race both teams drew close to four million spectators. If your franchise was to head for Europe I’m sure you too could be looking at smashing your 3.5 million mark.”

That’s what I need, someone who’s that driven and has proved it. I hire these GM’s who come up with this but then are burnt out within a season or two but you have a seven season track record. Yes I am Hal Morrissey, the ‘HM’ of the notes and if you’re willing to return so soon to the PEBA, I’d like you to be the next and last GM of the Gloucester Fishermen?”

  I was convinced, I had a chance to build a team that was mine. It wouldn’t have that imaginary asterix next to any success – *Team created from players left by former GM. Wherever the Fishermen would go from now on they would be recognised as the team of Nigel Laverick.