New Orleans’ latest Trend: “The Nash Girls”

Updated: April 16, 2015


Gary Salisbury
Cajun Chronicles
July 12th, 2021
New Orleans, Louisiana

The salmon-grey-and-blue face paint is applied, the custom t-shirt and matching pom-poms are readied. A group of women have started a “trend” at New Frontier Park.

They walk through the entrance of the park with curious-looking matching t-shirts spelling out “H-N-S-!-A”. What could that mean?

As they enter the left-field stands and find their correct seats, the message is revealed:

“N-A-S-H-!” (yes, they even included the exclamation mark).

The five ladies are former high school cheerleaders and rec-league softball players from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, just outside Dave Nash’s home town of Pompano Beach. They moved to Louisiana to attend LSU a few years ago, and immediately became fans of the Trendsetters, and the 26-year-old Nash.

“He seems like such a likeable guy, he can catch just about anything, he can hit, and he’s a Floridian! What’s not to like!” said Jenny Harrison, sporting her hand-painted “N” t-shirt.

Now known as the “Nash Girls”, they have become well-known this season for their enthusiastic cheering, quirky t-shirts, bright posters, and even their own chant whenever #5 makes a nice play:

Let’s go N.O., set that Trend,
Working hard until the end,
Out in Left… “what’s that flash?”
Another catch by our man, Nash!

On July 5th, the “Nash Girls” and the entire “Super Dave Zone” were given even more of a reason to cheer, as Dave Nash was selected to appear in the PEBA All-Star Game for a third year in a row.

“I think I might have some ideas for new posters!” said Harrison, “we are definitely going to the All-Star game. We can’t miss our chance to cheer him on!”

New Orleans’ next game after the All-Star break will be Thursday July 15th, at home versus Havana. Jenny Harrison and her 4 friends plan to be there and, as usual, be seen and heard.