Bong Aid Benefits Veterans

Updated: March 9, 2015

by Olaf Halvorsen, Unga Bunga Senior Blogologist –

What do you get when you mix a baseball team, smoked eel, and a rebel with a cause?  The 6th annual Bong Aid benefit, of course.  Warriors owner Jason Bong again held the event at the Bong estate outside of Duluth to support World War II Veterans in memorial of his late grandfather.  The Bong family was nice enough to invite the Unga Bunga crack staff to report on the occasion.

The night started off cordially enough with a dinner prepared by TV chef Andreas Viestad.  The highlight was the smoked eel and beet salad (the capers were a nice touch).  I didn’t expect much from the rhubarb sorbet, but admit I was pleasantly surprised.  Kudos to the chef!

Sing It Smokey!

Sing It Smokey!

The entertainment for the evening was light hearted and displayed the, how shall I call them…talents, of the players in the Warriors organization.  The costume contest was won by prospect OF Joe Kenny, whose impression of Burt Reynolds killed it with the over 40 crowd.  The karaoke sing-off was both tremendous and horrifying at the same time.  Hats off the Miguel Salinas and his somewhat offkey rendition of She Bangs by Ricky Martin.  Serious cojones to the man that somehow mixed that William Hung cat with Yoko Ono.  The best performance came from the smooth voice of prospect Bruce McGuire, who sang What’s Goin’ On to the catcalls of “Sing it Smokey!” (never mind that it’s a Marvin Gaye song, not by Smokey Robinson).

The benefit raised near $100,000 intended to directly help veterans of from the Greatest Generation.