A New Look

Updated: January 20, 2015



By Shuko Tsuji, Charleston Chronicle

January 1, 2021

GM Diemer

With all the recent changes in the league, the Alleghenies were feeling a little left out.  The general manager has long made it known that he did not enjoy their logo.  “It looks old, like something that they used back in the ’80’s” he would often comment.  Now they get a fresh look for a fresh year.

The Alleghenies have also made a few changes this off-season.  While remaining mostly quiet, they did free up quite a bit of cap room with a recent trade.  They were able to unload Jesús García to Rio Grande.  This did free up some room, however they still have quite a few high priced players and will probably keep that room for several of their young players who will demand a hefty contract coming up at the end of this next year.

The team has high hopes for this upcoming season.  After having a 50-50 record this last season, it may appear that they are settling in for another mediocre season with the few changes they have made this off-season, but Diemer has high hopes.  “The platoons worked really well this last season and we have several young players who are only getting better.  We are sending McBride to winter ball this year and he should make some great strides down there.  We really think that he can come back and help make our rotation much stronger.  There were a few players we tried to get off free agency, but we just need to be careful and not overspend since that would only make matters worse.  We are trying to get out of the financial mess we are in.”

Needless to say, the fans are a little skeptical about this plan.  It sounds a lot more like they are just throwing in the towel on the season already, but who knows.  Maybe they will have a chance this season.  Time will tell.