Scouts Honor

Updated: October 18, 2014

10/16/2020- Tokyo, Japan – In a controversial move locally, Neo-Tokyo has parted ways with longtime scouting director Toshikazu Yoshimura and hired 47 year old Craig Lee for the United States. The mid-season move came unexpectedly.

Yoshimura was well liked with many inside the organization, although his low-key nature made him a shadowy figure publicly. He scouted the team through both of their championship seasons and consistently had a highly ranked minor league system.

Craig Lee brings and outside perspective to the Akira

The move appears to be in preparation for the LRS merger with the PEBA and an increased need for American and international scouting experience. Lee spent 5 years with the Villanova Starbursts of the USCBA college circuit and has no experience in scouting for a professional organization but has been widely praised for his abilities.

While Toshikazu has had success in the past, recent evaluations relied on by the team has resulted in some disappointing acquisitions which may have soured relations – and trust- within the organization.

When asked for comment, team President and GM Ron Hiscock would not address specific questions, only stating: “We thank Mr Yoshimura for his years of distinguished service. We are moving forward.”