New GM Steams into West Virginia

Updated: July 28, 2014

By Shuko Tsuji, Charleston Chronicle

June 14, 2020

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Charleston, WV – The Alleghenies will host a press conference later this afternoon, announcing that Daniel Diemer will take over as General Manager.  Diemer is set to take over all baseball operations for the team immediately following the announcement.

West Virginia fans were extremely anxious about filling this role quickly since the season has already started, and the Allegheny owner, Lan-quing Li delivered.  When asked this morning about the hiring process, Li, stated, “Yes, a speedy search was an important factor, but we wanted someone that had untapped potential and already had some experience at a highly competitive level.”  Diemer started out his career in the LRS, as GM for the Kawaguchi Transmitters, but had to leave abruptly due to family related issues.  Li continued on to say, “We liked how he stressed pitching and defense over in Japan, and while he has a lot to learn, this was too great an opportunity to pass up to not take a chance on him.”

Shortly after the phone interview with Lan-quing Li, the Chronicle arranged for an interview with Mr. Diemer:

DD:  Good Morning, Shuko, nice to see you again.  I understand that the Charleston Chronicle has brought you on as their new beat writer based on the rapport we had back in Japan?

ST:  Yes, that is correct, I’m happy to be here in sleepy little Charleston, it is much quieter than the Tokyo area.  Congratulations on the hiring.  So from Japan to West Virginia, how did this happen?

DD:  Hey Thanks, Shuko, congrats to you as well.  Well, as you know, after only one season with the Transmitters, I had to leave Japan and come back home.  Despite 6 years practicing a long distance relationship in the Navy, it was just too much for us this time.  Our family was never in any danger of breaking up, but the stress got to us.  I had to make some changes, so I came back home to the States to get things in order.

ST:  So what have you been doing in the meantime to pay the bills?

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DD:  Well, I was working a very relaxed life in Texas, as a Transmission System Operator for a company called Cross Texas Transmission.  They basically transmit power from wind farms in the panhandle near Amarillo to the larger cities in the state.

ST:  So even after you left Kawaguchi, you were still a transmitter?

DD:  Haha, yeah.  It bothered me that I left my team unfinished.  I missed baseball and making a comeback was always in the back of my mind.  I put out my feelers, applied a few times, but nobody seemed to want me.

ST:  And then the phone call came from West Virginia came.

DD:  No, actually I called them.  I heard about the job opening, and I guess I was persuasive enough.  My wife will be moving with me this time, so that alleviated the only concern that they had.

ST:  That is great!  How do you like the new team?

DD:  Well, right now, they have a record a little under .500 but I think that they are much better than that.  I think with a few key additions we can be a really great ball club.

ST:  Wow, that was a pretty standard political answer.  So, even though your new team is next to last in most offensive and pitching categories, you don’t think you need to cut a lot of fat?

DD:  I see your ways of making people uncomfortable have not changed.  No wonder you and I always got along so well.  To answer your question, I already said that we need a few more key players.  With a 25 man roster limit, and 25 men currently on the roster, well you can do the math I’m sure, I don’t have a calculator.

ST:  Still talking in generalities.  Nice.  OK, so you aren’t going to name any of your plans, that is understandable.  At least tell me how you think the Alleghenies will do this season.

DD:  I can do that.  As I have said, I think we have a decent group of young batters.  If we can find a little help in other areas, I think we have a great shot at being above .500 and maybe even a long shot at the division.

ST:  Thanks for laying that out there for the fans and thanks for your time, I know you have a press conference to get ready for.  Good luck this season.  I look forward to seeing the changes you make to this team.

DD:  Always a pleasure, take care.