Akira Pick Up Solid Pieces in Contraction Draft

Updated: April 22, 2014

Neo-Tokyo finished a distant third in the standings due to Shin Seiki’s epic 2019 season. With the competition rising all around them the Akira needed to add some talent to stay competitive. The under-performing Akira squad was looking for a morale boost.

Along came the LRS contraction draft.

While the competition also improved GM Ron Hiscock felt they picked up some much needed depth. First and foremost was the selection of what may be the best overall pitcher in the draft, Tadamasa Hashimoto. He had solid if not spectacular numbers for a weak Seoul Crushers team. With a solid pitch selection and room to improve, ‘Six Pack’ could compete with Kensaku Gato as the ace of the staff. If Takiji Shishkikura can bounce back from his worst season to date, NeTo could have a formidable rotation that compares to anyone.

Hashimoto’s greatest asset could be his clubhouse presence. A leader both on and off the field, he fills a void the Akira have had for several years. That package comes at a cost,though. A six year,48 million dollar extension was signed this off season, making Tadamasa one of the priciest acquisitions of the draft. In the pitching heavy SSG, that may well be worth the cost. Stay tuned for a round up of other draft pick ups.

SIx Pack heads to Tokyo