What’s in the Numbers?

Updated: February 4, 2014

What’s in the Numbers?

Rusty Nobbs, Bluegrass Roundup

Aug 31, 2019,

Avery ‘Numbers’ Parkinson agrees to terms on a four year extension which will keep him in KyT red and black to age 30. Numbers was the 2nd overall pick in the 2011 First Year Player Draft. There were lots of questions surrounding his status as he entered 2019, and promptly went on the DL in mid April with a sore elbow, the same elbow that kept him out of the majority of 2018 having broken it and tallying a paltry 20 innings pitched. After a rehab assignment in AAA Jefferson County he returned to the Thoroughbreds and began making his statement that he was healthy and ready to turn Kentucky into a winner. Along with his emergence this season, Numbers should be poised to take the mound for the home opener and christen the new stadium come April 2020.

According to GM Duane Rudis, even though Kentucky is a small market team with a very limited budget, the goal is to create a core of players around Parkinson that must be retained at any cost. The GM has the financials in pretty good shape to achieve this for the next four years, barring any setbacks from Hector Shatner – the majority owner, and eldest offspring (by adoption) of the late Bill Shatner. Hector has a history of skimming funds away from the team to fund his hobby of collecting real estate in Louisiana, where the much hated Trendsetters of New Orleans call home. Last year, instead of investing in the team, Hector pocketed over six million, and continued to keep the team on a limited budget despite hopes of making the playoffs for the first time in league history.

Next up for extensions are first base and team captain Jamie Boyd, veteran catcher Bob Keller, setup Jorge Aguilar, and middle reliever Guy Bergeron whom the fans have really grown accustomed to his acrobatic entrances and unusual antics. Then there is the list of seven Arby eligible players including outfielders Miguel Yanez and Doug Stokes who have really matured this year. Also, a decision must be made on the contract of starting pitcher Floyd Davis, of which the team holds the two million dollar option. We are expecting that Boyd, Keller, and Aguilar are not offered extensions and allowed to become free agents. The team has been in negotiations with Bergeron so he is expected to remain a Thoroughbred for at least 2020.

Rudis admits that working under such tight reins is very frustrating. He also states that the deadline deal for Armando Gallegos was one that had to be done even though it cost the team three highly touted prospects – Ernesto Molina, Bernardo Moreno, and Jesus Ramirez. Rudis also admits that the high value contract will really hinder team finances for the next two seasons, but he is committed to creating a winner in Kentucky. The new stadium with the expanded seating capacity should help, but in the end it is Hector who determines the budget.

Hector, we ask you publicly … do you want a winner or are you content collecting property???