Towering Elderberry Field Expansion Completed

Updated: October 28, 2013


By Scott Vosper, Palm Springs Semaphore
April 11, 2019

Excitement reigns in the Palm Desert region as the finishing touches have at last been put on the latest expansion of the Palm Springs Codgers‘ stadium, Elderberry Field, just in time for Opening Day 2019.

Scooters Fast and Furious at Elderberry Field

Scooters Fast and Furious at Elderberry Field

The changes, the first made to the stadium since 2009, have been underway for several months, beginning immediately after the conclusion of the 2018 season.  They add three thousand new seats to the ballpark, curving behind home plate in a new third deck added above the existing grandstands.  The additional seats bring the stadium’s total capacity to 48,000.

Another enhancement to the complex, though not strictly part of the field itself, is located beyond Elderberry Field’s towering right field wall.  A neighboring meditation and wellness center was demolished to make room for a banked racetrack for senior citizen mobility scooters.  Dubbed Cooter Scooter Raceway, the track will hold races prior to each home Codgers game, with races open to anyone bringing a motorized scooter.  Some scooters–outfitted in salmon and green, of course–will be available for rent as well, for those not having one of their own.   To reward the team’s fans, race entry fees will be waived for those who purchase a Codgers game ticket.

“So many of our fans are senior citizens, we thought this was an appropriate way to give something back,” said Palm Springs’ General Manager, Denny Hills.

The Codgemenbashi?

Team owner Hopkins Bunner IV casts his golden blessings upon all

But perhaps the biggest change from this expansion to the Elderberry Field complex is the one visible above the centerfield bleachers.  Constructed atop the roof of the entire structure is a giant rotating statue of team owner Hopkins Bunner IV.

The gold-plated sculpture, 39 feet tall, takes five minutes to make a complete revolution.  The statue also “talks”: via loudspeakers within its head, the statue broadcasts general team cheers such as “Go Codgers!”, as well as lines for which Mr. Bunner himself is known personally, such as “Let’s find some dames!” and “Where are my cigarettes?”

While some have voiced concern about the expense of the statue and its potential to distract hitters at the plate, Palm Springs management seems sanguine about the golden addition.

“I think it’s long overdue recognition for a revered figure,” commented GM Hills.  “Raymond Sha–er, Hopkins R. Bunner IV is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

Team officials expect all the updates to be completed and ready for the Codgers’ home opener against Reno on Friday, April 12.