Nutmeggers Banned from Internet Access

Updated: February 23, 2010

9/1/2011: Bridgeport, CT – It has come to the attention of Nutmeggers star second baseman George John that, since their last tweet, the Nutmeggers have won 11 of 13 games.  More importantly, John has asked that all members of the Nutmeggers refrain from using any social media websites for the time being.  Yep, that means Chandler Davis cannot access his Facebook account, and George John himself cannot tweet a single status update.

Some would call this over the top superstitious, but you can’t argue with the numbers, right?  During that span, the Nutmeggers have scored 45 runs while only allowing 16.  The Nutmeggers shutout their opponents four times and allowed two or more runs only three times.

This is fantastic news for the team!  A strong finish would not only boost the team’s morale, but would also help bring some fans back to Constitution Field.  Attendance is down 16.5% from last year.  The Nutmeggers are still set to profit from this season, but not quite enough to let them pursue some bullpen help in the off-season.

That’s not to say the bullpen has been the only cause of this season’s poor production.  The offense ranks first in strikeouts, 12th in walks, and no better than 4th in any other offensive category.  The pitching staff, on the other hand, has been quite good.  The bullpen’s ERA ranks 9th, but the rest of the categories are good enough to let the blame lie mostly on the offense.  Over the last 13 games, the team has only scored 3.46 runs per game.  Not exactly great run support for a pitching staff that has supported this team all season (5 of the last 13 have been one-run games).  Let’s hope the Nutmeggers can finish above .500 this season.